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The story behind the name~ "Kitchen Sari". . .

Well, it was the late 1990's and I was at an ashram in the South of India. I was on my second pilgrimage to India , and though I never miss a chance to shop for clothes, I only had two saris to my name. My first sari was a pattern of tiny flowers in soft gray, with a paloo (the extended fabric that drapes over the back) of bold abstract lines and curve shapes in a strong blue. It was love at first sari sight! I bought it inside the ashram shop a few days after arriving in India on my first trip. This sari I wore every other day.

My soul-sister and dear friend, Vilochana, whom I met on a footpath, within two hours of arrival on that first trip, one day said to me: "Parker, I can spot you out of tens of thousands in the temple!"

My shocked reply: "HOW?" (The women's side of the temple is a sea of color, a Pollack painting).

"Because of your KITCHEN SARI!"

I'd never heard the term.
It stuck with me.
She insisted that we go sari shopping as soon as possible! I was beyond excited, but still curious about the term: "Kitchen Sari." I dug deeper. She let me know that's the term for the sari that you've worn out, so you retire it for wear while doing housework. Well, granted, I'd worn it 60- 100 times, but worn out?

Her thought was we wear our very best sari when going to temple. Time for some new saris! I wasn't going to argue with that. And off sari shopping we went. That's another story for another time; I did have great joy in learning how to properly shop for a sari.

When I was pondering on what to call my astrology site, in plowed the name: KITCHEN SARI.

I want you to come often to my website. I want you to be able to spot me out of the tens of millions on the web! And I want the site to be a comfort zone, where you come for astro food that will feed your soul. So grab a cup of tea and hang around! Come back often for refills. Here at KITCHEN SARI there will always be a place at the table for you. The menu might change, but the sari will always stay the same.

About Parker McPhinney

I always wanted to be Nancy Drew. In my own way I have achieved this goal by becoming a professional astrologer! Each and every chart that is delineated is in fact a mystery being revealed to the astrologer. What most people see when looking at a birth chart are lines, shapes, numbers and an image that looks an awful lot like one of those spiral designs you traced in the 60's. To the trained astrologer's eye it's a STORY OF POSSIBLITES!

Self-taught and reading professionally since 1990, my passion for astrology has only grown. It's an art that keeps on giving to the self and to the world, because as we become aware of our strengths and weakness (giving true meaning to the saying: KNOW THYSELF) we become a beacon of understanding, accepting and progressing in this world of samsara.

In addition to studying and practicing the 'round art' as it is referred to, I am a bit of a modern day Renaissance woman. Here's my 'official' bio:

Parker McPhinney is a modern day Renaissance woman. She studied acting in the BFA theatre performance program at University of Memphis in the 80's. Is a member of both the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Was a founding member of the San Diego Improv Comedy Troup: "Modern Times". Parker was the first 'nude' to ever appear on television in the Star Trek series as Captain Picard's Art model (opening scene of "A matter of Perspective"). She was featured in the Los Angeles Times, for her acting work with the medical schools; as a standardized patient.

She's been on both sides of the camera since those early days. Is a self-taught photographer who has had three photography exhibits in Los Angeles. Her three minute black and white 16mm film "Ritual" was selected for Long Beach Public Library's permanent avant-garde video collection, and aired on "Night Flight". "Surrounded By Art" her documentary about the world of art modeling is in art libraries across America. Her writings have appeared in the Los Angeles Times (advocacy for renter's rights), and was a horoscope columnist for the New York online magazine ART NET in 1996-1997. In 2009 she spoke about life as an art model for National Public Radio's Market Place segment~ "A day in the life". Parker has posed for the famous (Peter Falk) and the unknown for the last twenty-three years since 1986 in the Los Angeles art world. She has a thriving private Astrology practice and currently is learning how to create jewelry to add to her long list of creative expressions.