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Readings and Charts~


Below, you will find explanations to the four different readings and charts Parker can provide: Natal Chart, Solar Return Readings, Relationship Compatibility Readings and Election Chart Readings.

Click to enlarge Kitchen Sari's natal chart!
Monday, December 6th, 2010 12:00PM

Your birth moment is a blue print of your possibilities! The chart indicates strengths and also our weaknesses. Astrology can guide you to make friends with the skeletons in the closet, (weaknesses) and develop them into strengths. A basic natal reading will include full insight to openings and challenges to watch for during the next year, and a bit beyond. As a pilgrim on planet earth we have times when we are riding the wave (I will let you know how long the ride is) and times when we seem to have to dig and dig and dig! Astrology clearly shows us the cycles we are dealing with and how to navigate the waters of samsara! I will address all of your questions and areas of concern be it: relationships, money, health, or career direction. The basic natal gives you an overview of the life, and is a great tool for self acceptance and understanding.

Many times after a reading I am asked- "WHEN can I call/come see you again?" As much as I love my work, I do not promote a dependency on astrology. Its a tool. We are the makers of our life, not the planets. The planets SHED light on the areas we can best utilize at any given moment. They are helpers- YOU are the doer! So- my response is - wait at least three months to a year- for another reading- unless you have some issues that you wish to seek solution to! Then by all means~ Seek the aid of an astrologer!

For clients who've have had a basic natal, and found it so useful they want to go deeper- I zoom in on the details of a given year- (birthday to birthday). Usually done around the birthday. SR charts can only be done with exact birth time known. This is a great birthday present to self!

Thought you found your soul mate to only find out you are fighting about every little thing? Can't get your teenager to listen to you? Boss driving you bonkers? Blending your chart with another creates a third chart- which is called a "composite chart"- it shows how the energy of the two (or more) will blend. In addition to the composite chart I look at how each person 'effects' the other. What each person needs most, and how you can find the meeting ground to be heard and to better hear! Learning to get along with others is one of the greatest gifts that astrology offers.

Want to put your house on the market at the BEST possible time? Start a business, or set a marriage date, pick the best time to sign on the dotted line? Election readings are all about picking the most successful time to begin (or end) an event. Just like the farmer who doesn't plant crops in the middle of a hailstorm, there are times when using astrology to put the odds in your favor (you still have to do your part!) can make the path ahead run smoother. Timing is everything! I will give you three alternative dates to use for a successful start/end of any adventure you wish to embark on!