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Planets in Action
This section of the site is to help guide you throughout the month with the phases of the planets and their alignment around us.

I get a kick out of seeing astrology in action in the news, and world events. From time to time I post what is happening in the world and how it relates to what is happening in the sky! We call this 'mundane astrology.'

You can use it as well! I provide it to you the reader, to contemplate on, and guide yourself throughout the month.

Be aware of your surroundings. Being diligently observant, everyone can do this. Remember, this website is to feed you star-soul food!

Sept 2022

22nd Sept 2022

Where does the the time go? A bit late getting this up, but here is a podcast that I did earlier in the month. I have spoken much about THE Queen's health in earlier podcasts in 2022. I did fear she'd fly away, and she has gone to the rainbow land to join her Prince...and that double rainbow over the castle right after she departed, says it was smooth sailing! HM-Queen Elizabeth II -Thank you for your wonderful example of service! You will be missed.

July 2022

8th July 2022

Mars entered Taurus on the 5th of July. It triggered the upcoming Solar Eclipse (2 Scoprio- Oct 2022) by the 7th. This week we've seen two world leaders (Shinzo Abe, and Boris Johnson) have a change of fate. When eclipses are triggered mudane effects can happen, that change the world for many. The saying goes- "heads roll"... RIP Shinzo Abe. If you become a Patron, on Patreon,(ParkerMcP) you would have known this news, before it became news-as I spoke about the UK being very much in the light of change, mentioning Boris Johnson. And the Queen's Sun is triggered, as well as Prince Charles's Moon. Didn't consider a past prime minster would take a fall, but no doubt about it- this changes much for Japan. Get your Earthquake kit ready if you live in a zone prone to shake-rattle-and roll. It's always the BIG stuff with Ecipses-even when 'triggered' in advance...not always bad, but big.

April 2022

25th April

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March 2022

16th March

Today, there was a 7.3 earthquake in Japan. I mentioned in my last two podcasts, that we were in an EARTHQUAKE WINDOW. This will only get stronger, so be prepared not fearful.

February 2022

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25th Feb 2022

The second month of the new year has proven to be a combative one. America is having its PLUTO RETURN! I've done a podcast about our communication crisis. Give it a listen:

January 2022

Happy New Year!

November 2021

19th Nov

Hard to believe it...but as above so below. There was a Lunar Eclipse in the wee morning hours today. The Moon was 27 degrees Taurus, opposed the Sun in Scorpio. What happened in the news? Two things that stand out. One the President, had a check up and proceedure that required Harris to take over for about two hours. The Moon fell in Biden's 6th house of heath! And by the way, this is the first time a Female has been President (in America)! Even if it was just for a couple of hours. Second, in San Diego an amor truck's door flew open and cash bags fell out with money flying all over the freeway! That certainy fits with the Eclipse energy- Taurus rules money, and Pluto rules big money (banks)- the opposition is about loss!

September 2021

It is international Podcast day!

10th Sept

Where does time go? Here we are still fighting this WAR of Covid, and the world seems more divided as ever. Is this written in the stars? Well, nothing is written in stone about our attitudes. That is the one thing we control- our reactions to the "play" on the world stage. We are both the witness and the player. Here- for you- my two latest podcasts...Enjoy, and try not to hate anyone. I know it is hard at times, but make love a habit.

May 2021

24th May

We have a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse on May 26th 2021. It will begin @1:47am PDT-in Los Angeles, where you night owls can watch it. Full Moon @ 4:13am. If you would like an 'example' of the energy of a Total Lunar Eclispe- you have it in the headlines today- ROMAN PROTASEVICH. This brave soul- was sought after by the strong arm 'current' (26 years) leader of Belarus. Why did a fighter jet force a plane down to capture Protasevich? Because he is very good- at communications- and is helping to fuel the opposition of Lukashenka, the first and ONLY president of Belarus.

Protasevich has been too successful to ignore. Born with the sign Merucry in Gemini at 4 degrees-its home placement- gives him a great deal of skill in 'getting the masses informed'. That planet is also being triggered by the Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius at 5 degrees! Yes, his time is up- the confrontation is ON. When you have a total lunar eclipse trigger a personal planet -exact- (or within a degree)- you are called to deliever. This activation is by oppositon to the Total Lunar Eclipse- and it is clearly showing that- he is in the hands of someone who will go to any means-to silence him. The good news is- that Protasevich's Jupiter is in its home sign of Sagittarius, and a TOTAL SOLAR Eclipse in Dec. will sit right on it! That means that international pressure to release him will continue. He might not be free for a while-but they won't kill him, because that would cause mass protests to the level that Lukashenka can't risk. He too, is being triggered by the Total Solar Eclipse! His Sun is at 7 Virgo, so the Eclipse creates a T-square with his Sun. This dictator is fighting for his ego's life! Imagine that you are threatened by someone who is 28 years your junior!! That your control over a country is being shaken by the communication skills of a 26 yr old. The old guard doesn't want to leave, but it will-in time it will.

~PRAYERS for Roman Protasevich~

April 2021

Sending LOVE to the Queen. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has crossed. I am not shocked, as it was clearly shown by the upcoming Solar Eclipse to his Sun, (will happen on June 10th 2021)- and was triggered by Mars in Gemini at the same degree, this week. This is how we see CHANGE in advance. Follow the ecipses. Follow when they are triggered. This is the divine science at play, giving us information to prepare. He was sick, very much an elder, and under stress. The Solar Eclipse showed change, and when it is on your SUN it means the health will be under stress. Kiss your loved ones, and send a prayer to the Queen. She was married to the Prince longer than some people live. She is an amazing woman.

March 2021 Well, it is now SPRING! Time has seemed so surreal in the last year. Today is International Astrology Day! The Sun has entered Aries! Let's celebrate with a Podcast!!

Jan 2021

28th Jan Red Letter Day! Full Moon in LEO (Dramatic/Creative) Sun conjuncts Jupiter AND Venus conjuncts Pluto...what was in the headlines?

Botticelli Painting SOLD for 92.2 Million in NYC

Here is my podcast on the Inauguration chart!

14th Jan 2021 Today Uranus stations direct! And the Sun conjuncts Pluto!!! There is so much going on, one can hardly keep up with it... Listen to my podcast on the failed Coup:

1st of Jan

The fist headline that matches the astrological Sky- is quite striking! As above, so below- Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius- represents both expanding and limits in energy- Aquarius is an AIR sign- and WIND certainly falls under that! The agressive desire for MORE money will certainly show its face-when Mars moves into Taurus on Jan 7th!

A Monster Wind Turbine is Upending an Industry

Dec 2020

31st Dec 2020

Well, here we are the last day of the longest year-the year that will never be forgotten! I give you my lastest Podcast,it is on Jupiter entering Aquarius.

21st Dec 2020

3rd Dec

16th Nov 2020

NOV 2 2020 Here we are! Tomorrow is election day!


Time to shatter that glass ceiling!

I have done a short podcast on the MOON~Mood of election day. Give a listen:

Oct 19th

Yesterday, the 18th, I did a short podcast on the 2nd Square of Mars and Jupiter- which is exact today-!- and in this postcast I mention the possible earthquake energy-AND TODAY (the 19th) like clockwork a 7.5 Quake in Alaska! The stars don't lie!!!! (people do)... As above, so below!

Alaska-7.5 Earthquake

Oct 15th Here is the Podcast I did on Mercury Retrograde

7th Oct 2020
4th Oct 2020

This week-is the week that so much will change in America. I have written about 45 resigning and or leaving office and possibly dying for MONTHS. Because of his reckless behavior he has put himself and others at super risk. The only good to come out of this- is that people who follow him, and believe the virus is a hoax, now will KNOW it is not. WEAR A MASK, take care of yourself and respect life by wearing a mask! I have put up my podcast on the Aries full Moon- that is the Full Moon that harshy aspected 45's chart. It created a T-sq to his Sun's ruling planet- Mercury (in his birth chart). It fell in his 8th house of death, taxes, and others support. It is playing out like clockwork. Not because the Stars "did it"...because 45's behavior invited a possible negative reaction to his actions. Cause and Effect. This story could be different had he worn a mask, and not lied for years about his "wealth". It is a sad day for many that have not taken this virus seriously. You are gambling with your life and everyone's that you come in contact with. BE SMART, BE SAFE, WEAR A MASK!

30th Sept

28th Sept Lots of action in the skies;Gingsberg crossed and an Earthquake in Los Angeles, that was quite the jolt. Both taking place on Friday, the 18th. As far as the Earthquake goes, it happened when the Moon was in an exact square with Pluto. Perhaps RBG was giving us several wake-up calls as she traveled to astral plane nine. I do believe it was a warning to prepare for what is sure to be a much bigger Quake to come, in the very near future. Mars is currently in a square to Saturn-exact for the second time on Sept 29th. That is the evening of the first presidental debate in the U.S.A. It promises a tense debate, with lots of misinformation from the liar in chief. I still believe he will resign. I wrote about the upcoming Full Moon in Aries, and how it impacts his chart. What I spoke about is currently transpiring. As above, so below. I wrote this article last week for my patrons- on PATREON.com. If you join up you will receive it. Here is the link to become a patron:

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Here is my current podcast on the Autumn Equinox

This week~ with the Full Moon energy,is sure to be a turning point for many. An Aries Full Moon is about becoming your own person, and also understanding how we need each other. This Full Moon is in a wide conjuction to the planet Mars-so it will be an uncomfortable week of letting go to make way for a new way of life. This will be very true in America as well as in the personal lives of many. This Full Moon is in an square to the USA chart's Venus and Jupiter, questioning beliefs around love and money, worth and values. What is worth fighting the 'good fight' for? You'll be asking that question this week, and you will likely have many answers.

18th Sept

The current New Moon, which was on the 17th of Sept. is at 25 degrees Virgo. This is the zodiac placement of "health care". In America's chart, Neptune, which rules spiritual matters,imagination, con-artists, and deception and or higher thinking (you decide which road to take- higher or lower)....Well, it should be no surprise that this New Moon conjunct America's crisis of faith and truth regarding the pandemic, is coming to light. This New Moon falls in the 12th house of the USA, and represents and NEW path is needed to battle this ongoing issue of misinformation. It does not look good for the president, who has trouble realating to FACTS. I still believe he will end up resigning, but he will wait unti the last moment, to create as much chaos and drama as possible. He also should be very careful of not getting Covid-19 himself. Neptune also deals with floods, and the water is high in many States. It is time to wake-up to Climate Change! If only we could transport that water to the West coast to help with the fires!!! Be safe out there.

You can listen to my current podcast on the New Moon in Virgo at:

4th Aug

Today a blast in Lebanon just as Mars in Aries moves to exactly square Jupiter. We will see lots of blasts within the next few days. It is troublesome. Prayers for all. Try to keep your cool. Mars in Aries isn't known for being able to stay calm. Jupiter in Capricorn is about pushing the boundaries. This combo is tied to "might is right".

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15th July

Today is the extended tax day. Money in America is going to change- dramatically in 2020. You don't need the tools of astrology to see that. So be a "saver" and stick some in the cookie jar, as much as you possibly can. You have to wait this dust storm out.

In America's recent Solar Return Chart- it is very clear to me, that the pubic is going to demand that 45 resign. Anger is going to BUILD.

HE WILL RESIGN. He can't stand to be a loser, and without a game plan in life, you are much more likely to lose. It takes a GOOD plan to WIN, and some GRACE. 45 doesn't have a plan-for getting the virus under control- how can you have a plan when you are in denial? Without getting the Corona Virus under control you can not reboot.

WHO creates the wealth in this country? THE WORKING PERSON. The working person IS America. Yes, some people who work hard, also have the blessings of a life path that means great wealth. They also fuel the economy in lifing us up, but without the millions of workers pushing the wheel- it will stop- and rust.


Don't be a knucklehead!


AND DO NOT BE AFRAID- ACTION is the answer. Act responsibly. Act like an ADULT.

23rd June Today, Mercury retrograde is triggering the upcoming Lunar Eclipse that is on July 4th (5th in some places). This trigger is via an oppositon. It is one of the key factors of why,I predict that the Orangeslime will resign before the election. It is possible that this move to resign occurs withing the month of July. Also- another possible event will be that he replaces Pence. But, however this plays out, TODAY is worth paying attention to. Not just what isin the NEWS, but about HOW the news is allowed to be heard! In other words- our very democracy is being tested- deeply! Read this article written in The Atlantic, yesterday- it is telling of what is going on within "The Voice of America".

The Voice of America Will Sound Like Trump


13th June

Today Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Mars rules shots,and action. Neptune rules the Corona Virus. I know some astrologers give that to Pluto, or at least the Panedemic. I assign it to Neptune, as this Virus has no borders, and Pluto certainly does. Plus, its mysterious ways, the unseen element of it-all say Neptune to me. Perhaps it is both Neptune and Pluto that are under the umbrella of rulership for it. It is certainly big enough to not be limited to one planet. Today, in the NYtimes and Reuters- this headline-

"A group of European countries made a deal with AstraZeneca for 400 million vaccine doses. Italy’s health minister said Saturday that a European vaccine alliance formed this month by his country, France, Germany and the Netherlands had struck a deal with the Britain-based drug company AstraZeneca to supply up to 400 million doses of a potential coronavirus vaccine".

1st June

SO much going on! The new monthly blog on the "parker's Perspective" link tells you about the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. June 5th. Check it out. Here is a link to my podcast:

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6th May

20th March Hello World, Its a bit surreal here in Los Angeles. The no traffic yesterday on the freeway at 5pm as I went to get a water filter, (the last one any place!) was enough to cause pause. Then our very smart Governor declared lock down, so my timing was spot on! The Nation will be following him, I have zero doubt. Here is the line-up for the next 11 days-

21st- Saturn (the one who limits) enters Aquarius (the masses).

22nd- Mars conjuncts Pluto (25 Capricorn) Power shows its Muscle.

24th- New Moon @ 4 degrees Aries squares and TRIGGERS- the Solar Eclipse that occurred on Christmas. (New levels of ANGER at the government). And let us pray this doesn't bring an earthquake of the land. We are already dealing with an EQ!

30th- Mars enters Aquarius (we are all in this together!)

31st- Mars conjuncts Saturn at zero Aquarius...this is the IRON FIST holding down the fort. I believe we will be on a National LOCK DOWN by this point. I am not a fearful person. However, AMERICA will be brought to its KNEES if everyone isn't clear about putting Denial in the toliet and flushing. Learn to love being a hermit, I am quite good at it, its great really-go inward. But if you have concerns about food, water and shelter- its going to be a stressful time, hermit or no-hermit. So reach out to people and ASK FOR HELP. Stay HOME. BE SAFE. BE WELL.

I'll update the blog later this weekend."The times, they are a'changing!" to quote Dyan.


2nd March

Today is a quarter moon. The moon in Gemini is square the sun in Pisces. And we are in the mist of Global Panic over the Coronavirus. What does the astrology say? That we are ONE WORLD.That the time of thinking otherwise is old, outdated, and will go.This is a serious wake-up call for getting along with other countries.

This event is clearly showing the entire world that what happens on the otherside of the world- CAN EFFECT YOU!

No one lives in a vacuum on this planet! No fence will keep out a disease. GOOD communication, a firm and intellectual leader, a cabniet that doesn't ignore facts, and helping each other is what will stem this virus. Neptune rules virus. Neptune in Pisces will spread out like the ocean.

What holds the ocean in place? EARTH. Land. What are the key words for earth in astro terms? REALITY CHECK.This Virus is our worldly reality check. Don't freak out, wash your hands, stay smart, and hold your governments to taking care of the business at hand!

For the sake of a lot of people, VOTE SMART. VOTE for leaders who don't waste time "blaming" but spend time "solving".

We will get through this. But yes, as the full moon approaches, (Virgo Moon, Pisces Sun) it shows that this will spike. The Universe isn't messing around.

You don't take steps to curb climate change, she will blast you with disasters. You don't play nice with each other, then you will suffer when you need to have communications open with other countries. When you need help, it won't be there. America is not an island, and every thing doesn't revolve around money. It is about seeing the WORLD as a world of humanity. That means caring for others. Helping others. You know- Do to others as you would have them do to you. Some lessons in life are harder when you don't study for the tests that you've already failed, and it comes around again. But don't worry! Get busy! Spring is coming. Read the new blog I wrote.

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23rd Feb 2020

* I * think BERNIE is the earthquake I predicted!!!! Like I said, "earthquake" can come in many forms!

21st Feb 2020

This is the weekend that Mars will trigger the Solar Eclipse of Dec. 25th 2019! It is a big TRIGGER alert for you to aggressively persue what was on your mind back in the last month of 2019. Triggers also tend to manifest global events. Heads of states can suddenly roll, and a BIG earthquake is certainly in line with this trigger. We currently have Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in an earth sign, so movement is tied to the earth, and government. Have your kits ready if you live in Earthquake prone areas. This is also a great time to be agressive with ambitions in your life which would require a long term commitment.

26th Jan 2020 Today Transiting Mars was at 15 degrees Sag. When Mars triggers an Eclipse-coming up- or just past- it brings headline news in the area of the 'sign' the Eclipse is in.

In June there will be a Lunar Eclipse- at 15 degrees Sag. So, it was "triggered today".

Sag rules sports. What is in the headlines? One of the greatest sports players of all times, dies in a freak helicopter crash! Mars is in a square to transiting Neptune- Neptune rules fog. Venus is also in square to Mars. A frustrating loss of a love. An inability to express ones feelings of loss. Yes, many across the world will ache today. Hug your loved ones. Each moment is a gift, we are never guaranteed the next breath. No one, ever.

Sad day for many. Prayers for the family!

12th Jan 2020

SATURN CONJUNCT PLUTO: "'Till death do us part" or "Let's restructure our agreement".

8th Jan 2020

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, (Harry and Meghan) have announced today that they are stepping back from their royal duties and will strive to become financially independent. WELL! The chart for the United Kingdom is being activated by the Lunar Eclipse on the 10th of January. That's a full moon, (separation) and it falls RIGHT on the moon of the UK chart. (Jan 1, 1801 @ 12 midnight London). In July this past summer the Solar Eclipse fell oposite the UK Sun...so its no surprise that "the Firm" is in changing mode. More to come, no doubt.

Also in the headlines is Iraq and Iran.

Iraq's chart of 14th July 1958 7am Baghdad is still valid. The Lunar Eclipse of Jan 10th is also activating it- right on its Sun, and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is square to its natal Jupiter. This country is struggling to be free, and call its OWN shots. Day to Day life still proves to be unstable.

Iran made headlines this first week of 2020, and the eclipses aren't activating the founding chart, except for a trine to Urnaus from the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. They will offer a face of unity to the world. However, Neptune the planet of illusions is sitting right on their south node (past karma) and who knows what the true situation is. Transiting Uranus is moving toward their natal Chiron (wounded healer) so, sanctions will be felt by Spring, if the situation isn't resolved.

Australia has certainly got troubles! (Jan 1 1901, 1:35pm Sydney) The Eclipse of last July opposed the Birth chart's Sun, (exact) and currently transiting Jupiter (makes big whatever it touches) is conjunct birth Saturn. So they are striped of resources, but soon Jupiter will co-join the Sun- that means- HELP is coming! And many people with billions of dollars have pledged to send aid. The short term is still a struggle, as transiting Mars (fire) is in Sag, and just held hands with their north node (future) and will conjunct the VERY big stellium in Sag that the country chart has. Venus, Uranus,Vertex, Jupiter, Mercury, and Chiron! Then when mars moves into Capricorn- and conjuncts their Saturn and Sun, the work to re-build will begin. That will be the last week in February.

Pray for PEACE in this very agitated time in the world.

JAN 2020

May the New Year bring you divine awareness!

DEC 2019

Greetings all! Giving you an astro blast- TODAY,Sunday the 15th @ 11:01:11am pst (yep! To the second!) in the sky Jupiter will trine Uranus. This should be taken FULL advantage of! It will not happen twice, as Jupiter flies through Capricorns early degrees. It is considered a very brilliant aspect. So this would be a very good time to start projects, meditate, and set your ideas on paper! This is a wind of solid practical goodwill. The Moon will be in the creative sign of Leo, so its all the better for making magic! Use the entire day to set intentions. This energy will be carried through the week,and at varioius times during the year be triggered. Open your heart!

NOV 2019

Last month a master astrologer left the earth for the cosmos. I wish to pay tribute to him. Ed Tamplin was a mundane (World History) astrologer of the highest realm. He knew more about the astrology tied to world affaris than anyone I'd ever read. He will be missed, his words live on.


Sept 2019

Sept 22

Yesterday's Jupiter in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces- sure put someone in HOT water! International conversation leaked!

Friday the 13th

A full moon in Pisces will grace the skies tonight. It's a rather complicated one! It creates a T-Sq (crowbar) with Jupiter and Mars in the picture. If you have Gemini in your chart near the 22 degrees, it will create a GRAND SQUARE. Means: LOTS of energy will need to be used up towards a goal! We see in the news that the orange slime has rolled back the Clean Water protections. Guess his supporters like drinking toxic water. What to do? Vote with an eye on what will help keep you and the planet healthy. Some people just do not care about future generations or themselves. You'd think they'd at least think of the fish!

AUG 2019

4th Aug A bit over the top crazy I'd say. What's going on? Mars is moving to co-join the total solar eclipse point. Remember that one? The one that went across the divide of America? Yes. That means it 'triggers' what is possible in America right now. Mars is tied to violence, and anger not just action. And this point- 29 Leo, is the OrangeSlime's Rising sign. He can fuel the hate, or shut up. Which do you think he is prone to do? What does his history show? And the most important question- What can we do about it? CALL YOUR REPS! Encourage a media BLACKOUT of the hateful words coming out of his mouth. Get busy, the month is early and we still have over three weeks unti the exact trigger moment. Encourage people to put down their weapons.

8th July 2019

Mercury retrograde is conjunct Mars @ 5 Leo. The "Sun Spot" is also retrograde... as above- so above!!!!

"A REVERSED POLARITY SUNSPOT: A reversed-polarity sunspot has broken through the surface of the sun--the second time this month this has happened. This latest "backwards sunspot" could mark the official beginning of new Solar Cycle 25. Visit today's edition of Spaceweather.com to learn more about sunspot AR2744 and the transition between solar cycles."

Go to Spaceweather.com

Go to Spaceweatheralerts.com

The Total Solar Eclipse is July 2nd, @ 12:16pm PDT. Viewing is possible in South America, and Eastern Oceania. I've wrtten about this powerful game changer on my astro blog.

Go to parker-the-she.blogspot.com

1st of June

Today, Mars is at the degree of the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse of July 2nd. It sits right next to America's Sun. The moon over shadowing the sun, says- move over dude, it's my turn... The race to the highest office will be very interesting in the next week. Watch who uses their emotional power. Mars will trigger events into action! Food issues, water issues, and housing issues will be in the front of everyone's mind. AKA- SECURITY. How to get more of it! Who is underminding it? The trade wars will have a cost. Get close to what comforts you.

10th April

On the 7th of April I wrote in my monthly blog about Jupiter turning retrograde, and the possible manifestations. One, was that Sports stars would be in the news, with unexpected retirement. Well, Magic Johnson just resigned as president of the Lakers...on the 9th! Like clockwork! You can't make this stuff up! Astrology is tool that works. How else might Jupiter going retrograde be used? Review your faith. Redeem your commitment to seek out how we are one world. Jupiter rules all faiths, and all faiths have truths in common. Its a great time to research these links. You can read more about Jupiter retrograde at my blog:

Go to parker-the-she.blogspot.com

March 2019

15 March

When an eclipse is activated, we see "headlines" of themes that effect EVERYONE. Some, more personal than others. The eclipse of Aug 2018 @ 19 Leo- is currently being squared by Mars in Taurus. And in the next few days it will opposed by Venus in Aquarius. This- indicates that the shinning energy of the Sun that was blocked by the Moon, can, in fact -be understood- right now- as a chance to find COMPASSION and LOVE for all.

It is out of FEAR that people act in a manner that is violent. Taking lives, as they worship is an act of extreme ugliness... (taking a life period- is an act of fear).

We are seeing the down side of this eclipse energy- it has the potential to be good, as well as negative.

WE are ONE...but those that see themselves as the body- see "me" and "them"...(and a color of skin, faith, etc) and because they have no self-love, they attack (mars) who they believe is "taking" (square) their Shine (sun) away.

A better use of the eclipse activation is to learn to find the common value/worth in each other- (Mars in Taurus) - and see that ALL (Leo Eclipse) has Value. Each time a shooter takes life, we see that man is not learning this lesson.

New Zealand is now another country touched by the disease of the ego- who thinks he is better that other, threaten by other, etc.. when in truth- we are all one. For everyone's sake, I hope people wake to the truth, and this killing of innocent life- STOPS! FIND AN OUTLET for your anger and ignorance that is creating something of VALUE, and BEAUTY instead of pain and suffering. THAT is the purpose of Eclipses- TO WAKE US UP TO GOOD! We have a lot of work to do, starting with people in power who use words of hate that inflame this horrid way of thinking. As Venus triggers the Solar Eclipse of Aug 2018 by an opposition- let us unite in resistance to this disease of violence.


12th March

ALL kinds of scandals being unleashed this week! We just had a lovely New Moon in Pisces, conjunct the planet of "Con"- Neptune. It is not just that, Jupiter which rules Universities, AND sports, is in a square to that New Moon and Neptune. The soil is fertile for taking the path of questionable gains. Neptune has a higher path that can be traveled as well. It rules spritual striving. It is up to the soul to choose which way they will go- high or low. Right now we are seeing the lower choices, those that reach new depths of swimming in muck. Bribes to get preference in Universities, Massages that go where they shouldn't, Favor to have a lunchon with the oval office dude for money, and the weeks has just begun!

FEB 2019

11 Feb

On the 13th Mars will conjunct Uranus at the last degree- 29 Aries. The last degree in the first sign. And ... this is the LAST time this will happen in Aries for 84 years! Get ready to rock and roll. On all levels. Yes, this is an Earthquake signature, but its also a break-up on so many levels that-it will shock many. So expect the sudden news to be..well, unexpected. It is also a WAR aspect..anytime you put Mars with impulsive Uranus, you can't really say what country or where- but its a fighting aspect that comes out of nowhere. How to be prepared? Just be as PRESENT as possible. On the up side, its really great for a fast thinker. Getting in on the action before anyone else. Uranus rules airplanes, computers, outside the box inventions, progressive thought and energy, and electric everything. Mars is ME FIRST, going for what you need, raw sexual energy, and the fighter. It also rules FIRE. Therefore, this is an 'explosive' aspect. No playing with the fuse box. Human or Metal.

Jan 2019

21st Jan

The magical Total Lunar Eclipse last night will usher in changes in the Royal Family! That Eclipse was at zero Leo. It is in an exact Square to THE Queen's Sun, and Prince Charles's Moon. Prince Phillip was just in the news, as he had an accident while driving at 97. Stubborn, he was back at the wheel a few days later! I expect more BIG news by March from Buckingham Palace. Perhaps a change of power is at hand. Eclipses in Leo always point to power shifts of Kings and Queens. Since this is a Lunar one- it points to Queen's and Female heads of state changing due to the power of the people.

7th Jan

Tomorrow the 8th of January will give us a "State of the Nation" address from the White House. It will be hard to hear, and I have no doubt will cause MUCH debate. We might even hear some yelling! Mercury is at 5 Capricorn, and Mars is at 5 Aries. WAR Words. This is not going to be a speech you will ever forget, but you might want to.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!*From my Cosmic being to Yours!*

12th Dec

Today an EarthQuake hit in Decatur, Tenn. @ 4:14am. The quake is unusal for the area. What is not unusal- is that the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE of Aug 2017 is being triggered by Tranisiting Mercury at 29 degrees Scorpio! It is activated by a Square. In Mudane astrology- eclipses show big action on the earth where the eclipse fell- and that one fell across the USA. THIS is the SECOND time it has activated an Earthquake via Mercury in hard aspect to Uranus in the the last two weeks! On Nov. 30th RETROGRADE Mercury was at Zero Sag, just mins from re-entering the 29 degree of Scorpio- and also triggering the Total Solar Eclipse of Aug '17...that time there was a 7.0 in Alaska! Both times Mercury was in a hard aspect to Uranus (which rules earthquakes).

Not only that- but the headlines of the conviction of Cohen show that leaders (the TSE was in Leo - at 29 degrees representing heads of state) should be 'worried' about their actions. Karma is coming.

11th Nov 2018

What a month so far! What a week! The biggest news is that of the Fires in California. That, and of course the on going gunning down that happens in America, in just about every place. Yoga Studios, Schools, Churches, Temples, Concerts, Bars, etc. There seems no end to it. We need Gun Control. We had some set in place - and that was removed by the person currently in the oval office. Mentally ill people used to not be able to get fire arms. So, until a law is changes (or several) I think the killing will continue. People in this country seem to like to kill for some odd reason. On another note, Just as Jupiter triggered the Total Solar Eclipse point of Aug 2017, (it was 29 Leo) by Square-(29 Scorpio) all hell broke out.

Then the next day- Jupiter moved into the BIG SIGN, SAG, in the BIGGEST planet. Normally, we view this as a new path opens! And it does suggest this- that one can expand the mind. What did manifest on a mundane level is the start of the Woolsey Fire in Simi Valley. It has been a horror to wittness. So much loss. One can't even wrap the brain around it. There was also the Camp fire in Northern Calif. Another nightmare. It moved fast and with fury. This does represent Sag in Jupiter. Sag being a fire sign- shows just the power of unleashed energy. Be careful out there, and know- that this shall end! At one point it will be brought under control. We then hope that the goodwill that is also Jupiter in Sag will show itself.

29 Oct 2018

The month has been a very deadly one. This week alone three separate events that have taken lives, and TRIED to take lives (mail bombings). Transiting Mars was on the opposition degree of the Solar Eclipse of Aug 2018. Often when Mars activates an eclipse point we see events that reach across the globe. The worst attack on people of the Jewish faith in America, happened as Mars was at 18 Aquarius. A few days before in Kentucky, we saw more hate killings. When will this hatred end? When our president STOPS fueling it! His "rallies" are hate-fests! No one seems to be able to convince him to tone it down. The mid-terms just might do this. VOTE. PEACE PEOPLE!

10 Oct 2018

When exceptional lives show up in the papers, with exceptional stories about them, there is always exceptional astrology behind it all.

Khashoggi, Saudi and "Dissent Journalist", who disappeared last week inside the Saudia consulate in Istanbul, was born on the day of a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. And that Eclipse point was just activated by the New Moon. He was meant to shake up the world, but it cost him his life, it seems.

I don't doubt that a violently ugly end came, if it was in fact ordered by the Crown Prince MBs. He is known to silence his critics in extreme ways. The Crown Prince has one of the most ruthless aspects in astrology- Mars sq Saturn. In the signs of Leo/Scoprio. Mars in Leo has "I am KING" on the lips and mind at all times. (our own orange slime has this placement). With Saturn in Scorpio in a square to that Mars- almost exact to the moment- you just don't mess around with these people!This IS a signature of someone who'd not blink an eye at the most cruelest thing. They are powertrippers!

The Crown Prince is under huge stress with current Mars conjunct his Jupiter. The urge to rule at ALL cost- with NO FEAR is currently active. This is also within one degree of the Lunar Eclipse of Jan 2018. Also Venus Retrograde is squaring MBs Jupiter as well. AND Transiting Jupiter is SMACK on His SATURN! He would Feel that he has the authority to do ANTHING with this energy! Its reinforces the Mars sq Saturn aspect. If he ordered this hit, it will cost him so much more than he ever imagined. It will never be forgotten, it will haunt and harm him ten fold.

The eclipses bring us the BIG STUFF. DRAMA. However, the final rule is always KARMA...If one used his power to harm, next life he will have to pay for it. No one escapes the eyes of Karma. The bigger picture is, Saudi Arabia will progress forward with Khashoggi's voice speaking from beyond. He becomes more vocal now. And in time Saudis will demand justice for him and themselves. This is Khashoggi's astrological birth right. He was meant to usher in something bigger than himself.

12th Sept

What always astonishes me is the timing. This week on the 18th we have the THIRD Square between Mars in Aquarius (A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH-) that's movement in an Air sign- about to be 90 degrees with Uranus (unpredictable) in Taurus - earth energy). And what is going on? A massively dangerous Hurrican on its way to the east coast. Is it pre-ordained? Maybe. It certainly fits the describing of these to planets at a cross-road. How we react or not is maybe the only "free will" we have. My advice? GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE. This aspect is what I call the Earthquake aspect. And we are due. Could be a couple of versions of it playing out. West and East coast! It is building- so its EXACT on the 18th. MUDSLIDES- FLOODING...that's what the wind will bring. But not all is lost- because Saturn the stabilizer is trining Uranus- Saturn just might slow that baby down. But no doubt- its still going to be a big bill. A very big $$$$$. Venus is in Scorpio and it's in opposition to Uranus- so splitsville either from the wind- earthquake or just plain- I can't live with you anymore- will have a price tag. Again, not all is lost- nor written- somethings we can deal with in preparation, attitude adjustment, and calling on our faith. Because along with the "what the hell" energy comes "Hey- I see the path- it will change me deeply, but I am diving in"- that's Jupiter's Sextile to Pluto. No small parts only small actors. Be Brave and BIG -Progressive- Up Right- Sail High- that fast wind can also take you to new shores that will bear sunshine in the future. Nothing is all bad or all good in astrology. It is about working with the planets and their promise, not getting stuck in the mud, making a dome you can live in instead. Be Safe. Think things through this next week. Embrace your strengths, discover them, and live them. And hang out with the odd artist, much more fun than you can imagine!

2nd July 2018

Today Mercury hangs out with the North node. That is the future. What you wish to change about the future-dealing with communications. That combo also triggers the Lunar Eclipse point of July 27th by opposition. Los Angeles has Pluto in the fourth house at 5 degrees Aquarius. It is triggered as well. We have a homelessness crisis in the city. It's bad, has been brewing for sometime now. I thought the issue would somehow be talked about today, and it was! In the NY times there was a piece about our homeless crisis- on the digital verison -front and center!Hopefully some solutions will present themselves by the time of the Lunar Eclipse.

29th June 2018

The last days since Mars turned retrograde at 10 degrees Aquarius have been set backs for liberty and JUSTICE! From Unions being attacked in the monetary area, the Muslim travel ban, and Justice Kennedy announcing his retirement. The writing is on the Universe... get ready for a summer of PROTESTS! This summer is going to SIZZLE. The three ecipses are going to shake, rattle and create new heads of state. Worldwide.

15 May 2018

Uranus enters Taurus for the first time in 84 years. What is the first Headline we see?

"Modigliani’s ‘Nu Couche’ Sells for $157.2 Million"

Uranus rules breaking the boundries- (and airplanes, computers, rules, friends, the very bright people, etc). Taurus is all about - ART- LOVE- Money- Comfort- to name a few areas.

The Queen of England's Sun is at the early degree of Taurus and Prince Charles has the Moon there. They are in the news, as the WedDING of Markle and Prince Harry is this weekend, and the bride's farther has stated that he isn't going!

That's Uranus's signature= trouble.

I am sure it will all work out, somehow. Maybe. One thing is for sure- they didn't consult an astrologer for the wedding date!

Then, another event of a passenger being sucked out of an airplane while in route. This all within the first 24 hours of entery.

Hold tight. Going to be interesting. Mars squares Uranus today. Short fuses, and earth rattles likely.


26th April

Mars links with Pluto in Capricorn. 21 Degrees. Big Solid Results. Bill Cosbey found guilty of sexual assault. Need I say more. This is the "research until you have the goods" aspect. It is relentless. Be on your best behavior.

18th April

Like clockwork we saw the Sun conjunction to Uranus express itself in an entire island black out in Puerto Rico! Uranus rules electrical energy. I am sure this very powerful aspect isn't through expressing itself. Watch out for the lunatics! There is a fine line between bright and bonkers!

17th ApriL

On the eve of the last conjunction of Sun in Aries to Uranus in Aries-28 degress (for zillions of years, in other signs- yes, but in Aries- no)...LOTS OF ACTION! A SouthWestrn Flight makes an emergency landing, as one of the engines blows off in mid-flight! Heros managed to pull a woman back into the plane. Uranus rules Air flight, and 'sudden'... This is an earthquake trigger as well. Today the NY Times ran a long piece about building high rises in California, San FranciSco in particular. Expect more unexpected news! Be careful out there...use this energy for creative break-throughs, new friends, and tapping into your smartness. Back up your computer too.

15th April

One of the most important weeks of the year starts now. In fact the next two weeks will be a strong shift in government for the USA. World wide it will be felt as well, as the planet that rules government goes retrograde on the 17th, and then the next day the wounded hero, Chiron, enters the sign of the warrior, ARIES. Then on the 22nd, Pluto goes retrograde. All this in a week when we have a new moon at 28 Aries conjunct Uranus. What will the headlines be? Chaos. Change. And lots of investigations! If the foundation isn't strong, the walls will tumble. Get ready to shake-rattle and roll...you'd best have your popcorn, because the show is just about to turn very surreal. The War that I spoke about in "parker's perspective" April 1st, has begun. I'd not be surprised at all if Pence is sworn in by July. Looks like the orange one will resign. He's in hot water and doesn't want to turn a shade darker. America is on a huge learning curve. You and I will do best by hanging on to our principals, and trying to a carve a path that is progressive in ideals.


17th Feb

Hand clap and a shout out to Emma Gonzalesleading the march for gun control! Speaking truth after the most recent school shooting. She spoke just after the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. It is 27 degrees, sitting on America's Moon. The Moon represents the public and American women. It is the female that will take the lead in 2018 to better our country.


8th Jan

Last night, at the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills, we saw and HEARD WOMEN IN POWER MODE!!!!

This will continue all through 2018. The all black dress code in support of speaking out, (#METOO MOVEMENT) was a powerful statement; the words spoken, as awards were accepted even more so. The Sun was in an exact conjunction to Venus, and just one degree from Pluto. All in Capricorn. A new day has come. Get used to the beauty of POWERFUL WOMEN!

31st Dec 2017


Lovely Super MOON for you!


23rd Dec

Like clockwork.... Headlines on Dec 21st:

"Incurable, infectious herpes outbreak in Nubian ibexes leads LA Zoo to euthanize entire herd"-


Just as the Sun moves into Capricorn, and joins Saturn. Both rule 'the goat'... Saturn is very much about limiting, as well as building. Saturn is also know as "the grim reaper". Amazing - 'as above, so below'...

19th Dec

Today, a major shift in the sky. Saturn, the taskmaster of the cosmos, enters Capricorn. For the next 2.5 years...We will see things in Washington get very serious. The tone will change. Only real deal will be accepted. Everyone will be expected to carry on in a mature way. For Capricorn Sun signs, this marks a very important period of self reflection and walking the talk. Huge responsiblities and rewards can come your way in the next several years. Overall, limits and who imposes them will be the topic of stern conversations. If you carry on like a teenager and you are not one, it won't be tolerated very well.


7th Nov

As Mercury activated the Total Solar Eclipse point by square- (mercury 29 Scorpio, TSE 29 leo) another mass shooting in America. Not only that, but the Gunman's Sun (DOB-12th Feb 1991) was also being triggered. Also his Mercury (the mind)- by an UPCOMING Lunar Eclipse-the one that's in Jan 2018. And also the Solar one in Feb 2018.

When an eclipse activates personal planets- and especially the Sun or moon- big changes are indicated. They can create an unstable energy in one's self.

Its not that the planets 'make things happen' they don't,they create space and energy for you to LOOK at yourself and behavior. Not everyone is able to do this in a way that is helpful. Some people just power down on a bad path.

The gunman had power/temper issues-(clearly!)...could of this 'trigger' energy be used differently? YES.

The opening now- is for America to look at the culture of violence and makes some changes. But I do not feel that we will. Not yet. It will get very violent before we do. Many more mass shootings are more likely than not. Currently, Mars is in the sign of Libra (justice sign) and its in a square to our country's Sun. So the squabble will continue, and so will the blood flow. A very very dangerous Mars square Pluto is coming up...so stay away from fights, ugly people with anger issues. Other than that, unless you live as a hermit, one can't avoid the almightly flying bullets. And that is a sad sentence to have to write.


3rd Oct


20th Oct 1950- 2nd Oct 2017


Taken on the wings of *Jupiter and Uranus* Godspeed! Thanks for the MUSIC!!! YOU ARE LOVED.


27th Sept

BIG News of the Day... Saudi Arabia lets women drive at last! Announced on the day before the Jupiter in Libra (big and international and JUSTICE) opposition of Uranus in Aires (a shocking first!).This is some mighty fine news,indeed!

16th Sept

True to the prediction made way back when- St.Louis continues to make headlines. That city was at the epic center of the Total Solar Eclipse on 21st of Aug. Which, interestingly (not shocked at all) it is being actived by Transiting Venus right now. So, each time the point is triggered we will hear some news. Acutally, all year this will go on, as its a very sensitive point. U2 cancelled their concert, because of riots going on in the city. The protests come as once again, a police officer is aquitted in a shooting. Copy and paste the source link:


4th Sept

Yesterday, the 3rd of Sept, the Total Solar Eclipse Point of 29 Leo was triggered. Here is an example of Mars and Mercury triggering that point: (you'll have to copy/paste).


If that's not enough, also in Los Angeles we have a history making wildfire going on (Montana too!) AND today The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced a new baby coming! Dare I say it must be a boy- with Mars on the Total Solar Eclipse point! We'll see!


19th Aug

LOVE YOU BOSTON! Boston shows the world- LOVE LIVES IN BOSTON! #Bostonresist

18th Aug

Boston! ALL EYES ARE ON BOSTON! Keep the city and its peace marchers, defenders of love, unity, and harmony for all~ in your thoughts and hearts...They are going to need them.

The test tomorrow- at the Rally- is a HUGE one. It is a test of Dr. Martin Luther King and Gandhi peaceful protest teachings.

Make no mistake- the KKK and White Supremacist feed on violence. THAT is their entire gig.

On the day of the Rally- THE MOON in Cancer will square Uranus- this is emotional explosion. The charts say that it may all start out in 'good will', but it won't take much at all to get way out of hand...EMOTIONS will be running high. You don't need to know astrology to figure that out- but the last aspect that the moon makes is a square to Uranus... tells me 'something is 'broken up'.... Right to free speech is a right- but HATE speech really is a disease. IF you are going- take a MIRROR and show these ugly people what they look like. HOLD THAT MIRROR UP FOR THEM TO SEE THEMSELVES!!!!! MIRROR MIRROR IN THE STREET WHO IS THE UGLIEST OF THEM ALL?

Be CAREFUL! Between 10:30am- until right past noon- is when it will tense energy will be SO HIGH. WAY HIGH. T. Neptune (confusion) is right on the city's sun.... and the T. Moon (public) sq T. Uranus (unexpected thunderstorm) and sq Boston's Jupiter (law/justice). Chiron (wounded healer) is RIGHT on Boston's Pluto.... Transformation- yes, but Pluto takes no prisoners..... this rally could prove to be deadly.

Boston is where the thinkers and founders united. It is also the city of revolution. Tomorrow we might see a peaceful one- but no doubt in my mind- we are about to witness something that will leave a forever impression.

The Midnight rider will be a NOON one- a call that the KKK / Neo Nazis are coming and its time to let them know they ARE NOT WELCOMED.

Be Strong!


2nd August


5th Nov 1943- 27th July 2017

A great iconic creative soul left the mothership on 27th of July. Mr. Shepard's leaving was done at a great signature in astrology of a magical 'blessed' journey. Transiting North Node was conjunct his Jupiter, (jupiter is long distance travel) transiting Venus was conjunct his Saturn, (saturn is good-bye) and the Sun and Mars (life force and action) were both conjunct his Pluto (death/transformation) and North Node. The nodes are the portal to higher fate; It was divine time to be released from a broken body. When the door opens "one must pass" ~ somehow I think he was glad to be on the move again. Send us a play now and then will you? You can channel it through some young spirited rebel. THANKS for ALWAYS KEEPING IT REAL. Thanks for sharing yourself so FULLY.


31st July

I couldn't resist. I am an astrology junkie. Anthony Scaramucci captivated me with his brass bad mouth and bawdy energy.. (I mean really- its not every day you hear a man tell you he doesn't suck his..pecker! (to a reporter) and then tell you who does.....plus, I have been doing this for 30 yrs...and it dawned on me- anyone who in the course of a week- has shot out like a cannonball of fire-in the White house and Out before you blink, caused an uproar, been way too over confident, having a baby and getting a divorce ALL in 10 days... HAS GOT TO HAVE a chart showing the eclipses are hitting it... And sure enough... the stars did not let me down! As above so below... Mr. tell it like it is- has Venus @ 16 Aquarius - SMACK DAB on the Lunar Eclipse next week!!!!!@! BINGO! Venus is love, money, and the brotherhood..(when its in Aquarius) the Bro might of let him down... but he's sure living his chart! Mr. Mooch is born 6th of Jan 1964 in Long Island...time unknown...so I set it for 6am..(like a solar chart)... he is a lover of climb the ladder to the top...Mercury, south node, Sun, and Mars all in Capricorn. Btw- Mars in Capricorn is fearless. I doubt he has any regrets. He's a mover and shaker, and will continue to be one, in his own way... His moon- oddly is in Libra...usually they watch the language a little better... he's vain so its for sure there (and not in Scorpio- no SCORPIO would trust a reporter! Hell, we do not trust ANYONE)... And yes, his marriage is strained. Classic stuff to have the Mrs. file for divorce right on the eve of a Lunar Eclipse on his Venus...He also has Saturn in Aquarius..so he is able to form long long long term marriages..(previously married 23 yrs) and the dude is loyal. (at least on paper) He has Venus in a square to Neptune, so he wants the 'ideal partner' ...lots of projection goes on with this placement. Maybe he projected trump to be someone he wanted him to be. Coz he is so loyal I doubt trump dumped him for good, I would be surprised. They will make deals...He learned a hard lesson. KEEP THE MOUTH SHUT. He has a hard time with that- Moon opposite Jupiter in Aries... sq Mercury... he wanted to show his tough guy persona. I kinda feel sorry for him- he does have principles...they were just not presented in the proper manner. Astrology is AMAZING!

23rd July

The last week saw- a Mars in Cancer square Uranus in Aries play out as a deadly flash flood in Arizona. Following that, Spicer the White House Press secretary resigned on the day of the SUN sq Uranus. Some saw it a surprise. I didn't. I've been tracking Spicer's chart since the President snubbed him the chance to meet with the Pope at the end of May. His chart showed that was a deal breaker. He waited until Sanders could take over. His chart was lit up with Saturn disappointment,time to move on. His loyality was not rewarded. He's had a lifetime goal of meeting the Pope, so it really must of hurt deeply when he was over looked. Many will continue to jump ship in our "crisis at the Whitehouse" year.

We are seeing the action of the upcoming Eclipses already. The path across America is coming in the form of extreme weather. Lots of floods and I expect heatwaves to follow. Will the crops burn up this year? I do believe they will. We've seen sinkholes in St Louis,Mo. The min. wage lowered there as well. Kansas City,Kansas is dealing with floods as I type. The path of the Total Solar Eclipse is the one to watch- these cities:* Salem,OR *Idaho Falls,ID *Casper,WY *Lincoln, NE *Kansas City,KS *St.Louis,MO *Nashville,Tn and *Charleston,SC. ALL of the path will have huge shifts (not all bad- but big change) but these cities I highlight, especially~ St.Louis, Mo. right at the epic center of total eclipse.

America's president is in for a very bummpy ride- with his rising degree being highlighted (how he views himself and projects out) and his Mars (temper/health- heart/stroke sensitive). Will he resign? I do believe so. When? Before the end of the year. He is not the only head of state we will see leave office in a big drama- this is world wide!

24th of July will bring Mercury at the Total Solar Eclipse point of 29 Leo...so Monday should bring us lots of dramatic news! This is the big stuff period- unions, divorces, baby making, promotions, cross country moves and leaving the country! No small stuff.

Fall in love and change your life. That's the energy of today's New Moon in Leo conjunct Mars.This new moon leads us into eclipse season, and no one is going to be the same.

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15th June

In the headlines two different men, both born on 12th Dec. (different years) and both charts very much activated by current transits. Both making turning points (and endings) in their lives. Jame Hodgkinson who open fire on a baseball practice of GOP members on June 14th. He was having what we astrologers call a 'double whammy' - in his case it was with Mars and Uranus. Mars in the sky was activating his birth Uranus by conjunction, and in the sky Uranus was activating his birth Mars! Just dealing with one of these is like holding a fire cracker in your hand as it goes off. In Hodgkinson case it was tied to a birth Mercury opposition to Urnaus- which gave him a short fuse to begin with. His impulsive anger and actions cost him his life- I think he just snapped- The man had his Sun-Chiron- Venus conjunction activated by Transiting Saturn AND the recent full moon which represents a 'ending or closure'...Some deep wound was triggered and he made the choice to try to wound others. Lucky for the people involved everyone survived his attack. It was reported he had two foster daughters that took there own lives- one by setting herself on fire, the other by overdose. He was a man filled with loss and anger.

The other Sag born on the 12th of Dec...(differnt year) is Otto Warmbier, the young man who was sentenced in North Korea for supposingly taking a government poster off the wall in the hotel he was at. His chart is of course different and has its challenges as well- but this return to his homeland- JUST now, a year and half after his fateful trip to that not so friendly country is interesting. No birth time but - its possible that Otto has his Mars in the last degree of Leo...especially since he came to be known internationally, (Leo deals with fame)... The day he was born Mars changed signs so there is no way to know w/o documented time if its in Leo or Virgo.. but we have a total Solar eclipse in Aug this year sitting right on that last Leo degree! TSE always bring life altering changes- and finally he is has been united with his family- just yesterday! Sadly, he is in an 'awake coma'... Or awake but not responsive state. Its not known how long this has been the case. He was born with a very difficult - T-Sq of Mars opposite Saturn Square Pluto-Jupiter. In his case the birth energy is one that you can 'push the limits' with not good results. He might not of even had any idea that a poster would be noticed missing, if he took it at all! Its possible he was just a tool for a government to hold hostage. We wish for his recovery - we may never know what really happened to this young man. His Pluto at the last degree of Scorpio means he may take the events to the grave. It is a tragic travel story. The full moon in Sag last week also triggered an ending for him - the ending of being held prisoner in a brutal country.

28 May

Last night I wrote on my Facebook Kitchen Sari page about today's Mars opposing Saturn aspect. Indicating that our American Allies would brake away from us under this configuration. Not without reason mind you. Our new sitting president just returned from the G7 summit- and as German's Chancellor stated today- "It's six against one". You can guess who the one is...the must be first at all cost, Trump. Merkel went on to say today, "America and Britian are no longer reliable partners for Germany." THIS is HUGE. In order to fight terrorists we must be united. In order to reverse Climate change we all need each other. America is traveling down a very dangerous path. Our upcoming Solar Return shows that we will need all the help we can get in the next year. The public is going to wake up to how being 'first' is very isolating and not healthy; We all live on ONE planet! We do need each other. NO man can survive on an Island alone. The sitting president is going to find this out the hard way.

16th April

The last few months have been so active- to keep up with the weekly events, you should "like" my Kitchen Sari Facebook page. This week will be a humdinger. The sitting President will feel the urge to "prove" our military might, but congress might just hold him down...Pluto goes retrograde on the 20th, and she will join these planets who are all doing the back stroke: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn. This week is also a very important one to pay attention to- globally, as Mars will trigger the AUG 2017 total Solar Eclipse point, via a tense square. The showdown of changing leadership will be seen world wide. Right now, some of that might be hidden from view, but not for long! Since Mars really wants PEACE, let us pray for a backing away from all this war talk. Happy Easter.


JAN 2017


2017 Will give us much to be thankful for; and much to let go of that is preventing our growth. We just had the Mars in Pisces Square Saturn in Sag, and this has brought unlimited rain to California. I do believe the drought is OVER! This week Chiron (magical manifestation of compassion) links up with Venus. We saw the entire world MARCH FOR HUMANITY and for WOMEN'S RIGHTs! AWESOME LOVE! Power to the Peaceful People. This March was fueled by Venus flowing with Pluto. There is a new movement of the peaceful warrior. Soon we move into the eclipses and that will really shake things up! Humanity is uniting in the compassionate vision. BLESSED NEW YEAR TO YOU READERS!

OCT 2016

27th Oct

Mars (action) in Capricorn (government) is in a square to Uranus in Aries (civil protest for mankind) today...and we surely see that in action with the events in North Dakota at Standing Rock. Major force of police and local and state government- AND- clashes- and over 100 arrested. Arrested for PROTECTING OUR WATER! The New Moon on Sunday the 30th in Scorpio will bring out a well of DEEP support! This isn't OVER...by far. When Mars enters Aquarius on Nov 9th....THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE will gain much steam...wind...and Spiritual power.

Sept 2016

10 Sept
Today is the last exact square between the Planet Saturn (structure,land,limits) and Neptune (no limits, oil, water)... Since they've had two go arounds of this tense aspect already- last Nov 2015, and June of 2016 we are not new to this energy. This third pass brings in the news the HUGE debate over the pipeline on sacred Indian ground in North Dakota. The fight to keep our soil and water sources CLEAN continues. Big oil is represented by Neptune and Saturn in Sag certainly represents Indian sacred land. A judge has stepped in to stop the current bullying attempts by the oil company thugs. Time will tell if Jupiter's recent entery into fairminded Libra (and justice) prevail.

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29 of May

In the last 24 hours since Retrograde Mars has re-entered Scorpio- the news headlines have been especially- extreme- and very deadly. Not mind you in the usual terrorist way. First a story about a four year old boy at an Ohio Zoo determined to join a 400 pound Silverback Gorrilla named Harambe, falls tweleve feet into his enclosure. Forcing zoo officials to make a call to shoot the Harambe, in order to save the at risk four year old. You can't be too careful with a four year old or a Gorilla. It was the day after Harambe's 17th birthday. Harambe's chart was activated by transiting Mars on his Chiron. (wounded hero).

Then a young man in Arizona on a hiking trip to meet for the first time his 'real' dad (aka bio dad) dies after a swam of killer bees attacks him.

Today, Yahoo.Com runs a headline story of a man dealing with terminal liver cancer makes the choice to have a 'natural burial'. This is without chemicals, (formaldehyde,etc) cement or plastic incasing burial box. The old fashion way- dig a hole, put the body in it. This is very Scorpio- keep it real.

These strong stories all reflect the true nature of Scorpio- intense, real, extreme in nature and dealing with endings/transformations. We will have an entire summer of Mars in Scorpio. So use the time to tread carefully and truthfully. Maybe soon some stories of the otherside of the Scorpio coin- transformations of birth and higher awareness. Certainly, it will usher in truth seeking choices.


Since the start of the year, we've said farewell to - so many creative people! Especially Music Super Stars.......and now.......PRINCE.......joins the crew that has checked out since we rang in the new year. What's going on? I think this is an exit that will continue- as the planet Neptune (visionary) continues to be squared by Saturn....(saying goodbye). I have thought about the fact that creative types are WAY sensitive.... that's what allows them to pick up on the cosmic wave length and speak for the masses...... Maybe there is a sense of 'enough'. Maybe they on a higher level know that they are 'done'........and just maybe - the group exit is also tied to giving us a gift of WAKE UP! Celebrate! Make ART not War! You aren't here that long. So give all you've got while you are here. Waste no time ~ follow your calling. Listen to your soul. The other factor playing out is that the Solar Eclipse in March was at 18 Pisces. Pisces is ALL about the compassionate create voice....And Saturn, Jupiter are close to that degree-(via square). ushering in a plan that was designed way before we were born. Perhaps......2016 will be the year that "the music died", so that we could WAKE UP to changes that need to be made NOW...and I am not talking the Hate message being put out by leaders. I mean to realize how bleak the world would be without the artistic voice. So go create TODAY!

JAN 2016

~~~BOWIE~~~8th Jan 1947***10th Jan 2016~~ ~ STARMAN ~SHAKE UP THE COSMOS~ THANKS for the MUSIC!

Dec 2015

Dec 25th 2015>

Mother Teresa: born 26th Aug 1910....the path is paved to becoming a saint... on Dec 18th 2015 the announcement that : A second miracle was credited to her intercession by Pope Francis, in December 2015, paving the way for her to be recognised as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church.~ Mother Teresa's chart is being activated by Tr. Pluto trine her Mars in Virgo, Tr. Mercury Trine her Mars in Virgo, Tr. Chiron oppose her Mars, Jupiter is in her sun sign- Virgo- and is conjunct her Mercury-most important- Tr. Jupiter is almost exactly trine her North Node as this announcement was made! Jupiter representing- the church- her north node her destiny! and the North Node will likely be conjunct her Sun when this finally takes place- Saint Teresa!

Oct 2015

Oct 16th 2015

Los Angeles's chart is being activated by Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto. The City's Sun sign is 12 Virgo. So Mars and Jupiter are sitting on it. That gives BIG exposure. Also the Lunar Eclipse of Sept 2015, is activating our city chart- and this week Mercury triggers that sensitive point. I'd thought we'd be hit by a Earthquake this week- and wrote about it on my Facebook page last week. Well, we did get hit by an EQ but it was an ONE BILLION CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT aganist Los Angeles Unified School District for 'Witch Hunt' of older teachers about to retire. Its not lost on many the corruption that exsist in big power. And currently Mars conjunct Jupiter and trine Pluto is bringing that to the attention of the nation via this lawsuit on behalf of two thousand teachers. The award winning teacher that filed it, Rafe Esquith, has a strong case. THIS will be an interesting story to follow. Corruption will be weeded out. Its long over due.

OCT 2nd 2015

America has Cancer. GUNS AND GREED. The Lunar Eclipse on Sunday that activated the country's birth chart (exact) will show us that - YES, we do need to create some boundaries. America was 'born' with Jupiter and Venus holding hands in the zodiac sign of Cancer. And its not a 'bad' conjunction- it gives one 'hope' when in a personal chart. It brings 'luck' if not afflicted. With some other area in the chart showing 'restraint' it can be a really useful signature of openness. When this country was founded- it was to create new awareness- and 'freedom" (and yes, it is free, or its not freedom its manipulation). But today- we have some sickness in America. Its called: GREED AND GUNS. And the two G's are taking America to the third G- Ghetto thinking- acting. Have to have 'more to survive' - have to have loaded Guns to stay safe. Can't stay 'safe' by being any other means. Well, I disagree. I think the key to our country maturing (we really are just a teenager in growing pains) we need to have guidelines that fit today. And Gun laws are needed. Not sure how many people will have to perish in vain to have the NRA lose its control over our Congress and Senate. Since our political body is tied to MONEY- laws don't pass just because they are the correct thing- they pass when the people who have bought (lobbyist) the ruling elite say 'Ok'. Or when some sense of sanity finally prevails. The Eclipse on Sunday at five Aries- EXACTLY square's America's Jupiter- and is just a few degrees from Venus. Jupiter is the 'law' and ideals. Venus is about our values. What do we value? It needs to be reviewed. How much is enough? At what cost? If you eat cake every day- you will get fat. Getting fat- means you will start to have disease in the body- or a heart attack. Then you either get it back in Balance or - suffer. And we in America are SUFFERING. The President is very correct- Pray yes, but hey, that's not the only thing that has to be done. We need to realize that if everyone has the right to arms- and those that are unbalanced in the mind have a right to guns- then no place will have peace. Saturn has moved into Sagittarius. It will oppose our birth Mars (war). Within the next two years FOR SURE NEW LAWS toward gun control will pass. The only question I have is- "How many tragic events before this mature action?" Pluto (transformation) is opposing our Sun. Our very ego is being hammered to become BETTER. More Money doesn't make one 'better' - it gives one better choices- and hopefully- gives one some sense of helping those that are not doing well. If you can sit at a table with a 10 course mean and stare at the starving person and not feel any sense of shame- then you've lost the game. When a country has this attitude- its no longer full of hope and openness its full on gluttony. So let's replace our Greed and Guns- with Goodness and Gladness. Write your Congress- TODAY. Peace to Oregon.

July 2015

29th July

Story all on the news- Cecil, BELOVED Lion of Zimbabwe~13 years Old murdered by American Dentist. The Dentist paid 55k to have access to a 'trophy kill'. This is insanity. The astrology of all this- sadly matches. Currently Jupiter (the grand prize) is in Leo (Lion) and its in a VERY tight square with Saturn in Scorpio! Saturn rules the teeth! Scorpio of course is DEATH. (its also transformation). Its very sad that humans still want to feel victorious and powerful by murdering wild animals. THIS CASE has touched the hearts of so many, I have hope that Justice will be served. AND humanity will look at this gross behavior of hunting. The time of the "kill" (July 1st 2015) VENUS was exactly conjunct Jupiter. The dentist's sense of "winning the prize" will be very short lived once Saturn is through with him. Karma is a B...tch as they say. RIP CECIL...Your ICON status will remain forever, and its possible that other LIONS will be saved from this fate!

17th July

This story in the news is JUST TOO good to pass up. Its CLASSIC symbolism of the Venus Sq Saturn aspect that is currently going on in the sky. Saturn deals with the past- and its also right now retrograde- in Scorpio.... very much linked to death/rebirth. Venus is in Leo. They are in a tense aspect. Often Venus in a tie to Saturn can be called by the old texts as 'prostitute' or sex worker. (when love is in a hard aspect to saturn-earning money via sex). Well- the story in the paper- "Almost 70 years after a sex worker was shot on London’s iconic Carnaby Street, a 91-year-old man walked into a police station across the world to confess to the 1946 murder. He didn’t even know her name." He was pissed off at her because she 'cheated him out of his money' Venus square Saturn is also known as being tight with the money! Here's the link to the story (copy and paste it). http://news.yahoo.com/why-91-old-confessed-murder-nearly-70-years-205208117.html I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to. As above so below.

MAY 2015

17th May 2015 There is a new moon at 27 Taurus on tonight- PDT- its conjunct the 'evil star' Algol. That's losing ones head...or crown... Might Queen Elizabeth decide to pass the crown to Charles...very very soon. I do believe so. This new moon falls on her IC. Changes in the family. There has been a new birth- Sweet Charlotte princess of Cambridge... but I do believe that more news will be forthcoming from the Royal house. Let us wait and see. In the meanwhile- if you 'lose your head' over something - let it be in sheer helpfulness to others- go create some beauty. The world is in dire need of it. Happy New Moon. Make it so.

APRIL 2015

26 April 2015

WE (astrologers) KNEW it was coming. Where it was going to unleash no one ever knows for sure. But release of the pressure happened in Nepal this time. 7.9 should get everyone's attention. How did the cosmos show it? Mars (action/movement) in an earth sign- Square (tense) to Jupiter in Leo (BIGGER THAN BIG) just a week before Mother Earth let out a yell that was felt across the globe. A few days before that she was spewing fire in Chile. Its NOT OVER. This is just the wake up call. And we've had so many. So so so so many. You frack your mother and she's going to let you know how she feels about it. Solution? Curb the greed, the warrior, the me-me-me energy. Embrace compassion, (as so many do- when disaster strikes-do it before not after)~ And pray for peace- walk in peace as much as you can. Its not easy in these times to feel safe, peaceful or even 'happy'...... So look within and help others - give your energy if you don't have money. Give your time. Give - GIVE- GIVE- and you will then understand what being here is ALL ABOUT. We CAN GROW, either by force or by surrender. I'll take the latter any day. Peace be with you.

March 2015

Tips for dealing / working with a Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 29 degrees

Yes, we are at the new moon in the last degree of Pisces, which is the last sign in the order of the zodiac. This one happens on March 20th at 2:46am PDT. ~~~~we've been here before~~~ but it was a while ago........ In 2007 there was a partial solar eclipse on this degree....think back what CHANGED in your life then? How have you adjusted? What new paths that at FIRST seems not so welcomed, now are? If you are OLD enough- think back to 1988.......that's the last time there was a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in the degree.... Again, ponder on the changes you might of instigated in your life during that year. Sometimes the change IS welcomed. Still, change can be stressful. So here are some tips in dealing with this powerful energy upon us, and creating a new view: GET IN WATER. APPRECIATE IT. WATER WARS ARE HERE- and this eclipse will highlight the power- of water; for healing and for health. It also will bring into question the 'owners rights' of water. Is water only for the rich? We will be asking this.

Can water be controlled? As an energy force, can we collect it, channel it and make use of it in our lives better? What role does water have on your day to day life? When does it become toxic?

DREAM. Use your imagination. Process any fears of change you have by using the positive force of creative imagination. What if your WILDEST DREAMS DID COME TRUE? HOW would you FEEL THEN? Own that feeling.

GRIEVE for what has gone. Be it an idea that you once held dear, a friend, loved one, pet, job, body working, etc. Don't push down loss. Face it. Embrace it as a path that once was needed for growth, but now like a chair that you sat in during sixth grade; no longer can support you. Let it go.

Go to the place of "non-doing" and just witness. Spend the next few weeks allowing yourself to NOT KNOW what is next. Open up to what comes, with acceptance. Sit in the boat and drift along enjoying the view, and watching your thoughts, feelings as they change. Just sit with what is, not trying to have it "BE ANYTHING ELSE". This is a powerful tool of meditation practice. Just watching. You might even find you like non-doing. It takes less energy, doesn't lead to disappointment, and actually can lead to a peaceful place of bliss.

IF you simply MUST move, then DANCE, SING, PLay MUSIC, WRITE POETRY, Paint, SHOT OUT LOVE SONGS......... be as a young minstrel playful and celebrate all of life; the circle of life~ which is "all things must pass...into the next...and on and on it goes without any ending really. Where is the line between birth and death except in our minds? All starts are endings that haven't come yet, and all endings are finsihes which have a new birth awaiting them. WIshing you blessed blissed Solar Eclipse ENERGY!

feb 2015

1oth Feb 2015


Jan 2015

6th Jan 2015

I've been doing research on Earthquakes/Astrology patterns for a while now. Especially with Los Angeles's Chart. (yes, cities have them too!). RIGHT NOW- Today and the next four days-(until the 10th) we are in a window of possible EARTH MOVEMENT. We've had a cluster of quakes all over Calif. for the last week. This i believe is due to Mars enetering the sign Aquarius which has rulership over earthquakes- that AND the planet URANUS. Today - Venus will move over Los Angeles's PLUTO.....which has shown to be very active when BIG quakes hit. Also 24th- 30th is another sensitive window. So prepare if you live in Southern Calif. And lets see if we get some radical weather OR an Earth-wake-up call. Be Safe and HAPPY (content) no matter what! And HAPPY 2015 !

Dec 31st 2014

Last post of 2014! The NEW YEAR will come in with a BIG BANG!!! Not just fireworks.....the Mars (action) opposition to Jupiter (Goodwill, VASTNESS, and everything BIG) will make sure that the news is over reaching and dramatic. Let's hope and pray its that the new fAb pope makes a marvelous speech and sets the tone of Great giving and Compassion in 2015. Hearts have to change for the world to change. That starts with me and you. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS! Heck, back up everything that is important to you. Back up your love vibe! The Mars opposition to Jupiter will touch humanity in a big way, so maybe some new cures will be forthcoming and neighbor helping neighbor in the extreme weather that is sure to come. I also think that some shocking heads of state will change, along with big mergers- in the computer world. Maybe life on another planet will make contact with us! But whatever this HUGE aspect of Mars opposite Jupiter brings- remember you can make happiness a choice! Give LOVE!!! While we are on the positive slant, lets put love in action and help ever-hurt never!


SEPT 2014

19 Sept 2014

Well! The Duchess of Cambridge is with Child again! We, here at KS aren't shocked- it was predicted in my Dec 30th 2013 blog http://parker-the-she.blogspot.com Very happy for the Royal couple! Also, soon to be in the news- will be a big turn around in the financial markets, as Pluto stations direct on Sept 22nd!!

AUG 2014

20 Aug 2014

The world has gone utterly bonkers. Madness has over taken the heart and the mind. How is one to even make sense of the events of this last week? Prayers for so many who are in deep grief. Humans seem to be lowering the bar - beyond beastly- just plain insane! What do the stars say? The best I can make of it- is that the Solar Eclipse of Nov 2012 is being activated in a HARSH way. That eclipse was at 11 Scorpio. This sign (scorpio) is KNOWN to 'take no prisoners' and its living up to it this week. Robin Williams, James Foley RIP!!!!! Bacall and BKS Iyengar send us some help down here! When will this mess balance out? I think that the pot is being stired by crazy cooks- so we need to replace their blacken hearts with sugar love. Jupiter in Leo is going to expand this energy (which ever direction its headed) so its up to the peace-light works to shine and shine bright right now. And is it possible for HAPPY HEADLINES FOR A CHANGE? I am starting a newsletter of *Happy NEWS* coming to your mailbox soon. Right around the corner is a new moon in Virgo- let us hope some practical brain power replaces mindlessness. Practice makes perfect - so practice LOVE.

JULY 2014

16th July 2014

Cease fire- for Gaza and Israel's rentless pounding of citizens who have no airplanes, tanks, etc. JUPITER has entered LEO in the AM! Thank the Stars...perhaps some "world leader" made a phone call. Perhaps Israel 'mood' changed with Jupiter changing signs. Israel's Moon (mood) is at 4 Leo. The world was/is watching. Maybe they really did start to 'think about the people'. There needs to be a plan. Two state solution. New moon at the end of the month will conjunct Israel's Moon. So- a 'new' leader? Or a new plan? Let us pray.....because all this murdering of each other doesn't suit the human race. Also, I know I am a broken record on it......THE QUEEN...will be shifting gears. Welcome Jupiter's entrance into Leo and get your 'shine' on.

7 July 2014

We are again, in the window for a SUPER QUAKE. The energy this week is full BLOWN....Super Moon- full Moon -will trigger the Cardinal Cosmic Cross. And MARS is nearing the degree of the Lunar Eclipse of April 2014. This means what was 'promised' will come to the table. 25 Libra is the tender point. So if you have planets at that degree or in Aries, Cancer, or Capricorn at that degree- expect your own personal 'mover and shaker' moment. It isn't 'bad' but its intense. It could close one door, just to open another. Be clear on your intention! Venus will help soften the changes that are due. Communicate what you need and listen LOUD to others.

JUNE 2014

11th June

Super Quake is coming within 10days.......i'd bet on it. This week alone- super full moon- mercury triggering the aries point, and venus oppose saturn... mars square to pluto and opposite uranus is the trigger. when the moon moves into cappy- it all gets lit up........shake rattle and roll~~~somewhere on the earth.....big big big time. Also-check out that Mercury is retrograde and a taxi strike across Europe! Like clockwork........This week is really intense for change and movement....many good-byes. Some welcomed. Stiff upper lip!

MAY 2014

28 May 2014

Maya Angelou- the voice of poetry, the voice of words that tell us like it is......and also help us to find compassion as she did. She crosses over into the great white light. The stars are showing this-so very clearly- timing is no mistake. New Moon (new life) is in Gemini (words) in an exact sq to Neptune (dancing to a tune that is universal) and in a trine to Mars in Libra. Oh! How very much she is on a magical journey, a return to the absolute that sees all, hears all, and prompts all words... JAI ! (victory). A look at her chart confirms this perfect timing. The new moon is in a conjunction with her north node....(destiny has been done). Uranus is sitting on her Jupiter (grand journey) and her Sun. The souls greatest travel is back to the light......we bid her farewell, and we have her words to remind us to be gentle with each other. Interestingly her name means "illusion" in sanskrit......yet, I have no doubt she found the 'truth of being human' in this lifetime. RIP MAYA!

19 May 2014

Mars Stationing Direct Means…….. GREEN LIGHT. That doesn’t mean you go from zero to 108 in ten seconds flat. That would be something one does when they are in a hurry. Mars in Libra is not in a hurry. Timing makes the dance beautiful to watch. Fun to perform and creates lasting dance partnerships.

Yes, Mars in Libra is about ‘getting along in a harmonious, elegant and beautiful way. Breathing deep will come later; as mars gets to the 25-28 degree of Libra (tail end- fireworks at the end of the show). At least there is no doubt in my mind that the closing date of the run of mars in Libra is a big show! (he/she’s been in rehearsals for a LONG TIME). Mars has been in the sign of Libra since Dec 7th 2013.

The passive-aggressive energy, a revival show to laugh about! The “maybe’s” have been everywhere. False starts, reunions, and regrets. Shoulda, coulda, woulda is about to be over. When mars moves into Scorpio, you’ll be real clear on what you ‘want’ and how to ‘get’ it. STRAIGHT to the GOAL. Goal is GO-ALL. Not a thread of doubt. No questioning. Until then, treat the next two months as a time to step out and clearly play the hand you have. Show your lovely refined cards……(or product, beloved one, or just your lovely self that you have been ‘working on’).

Mars in Libra is the celebration of what it takes to create beauty. It takes being beautiful inside, in tune and in rhythm with your own love of THE DIVINE SELF. AKA~ comfortable in your own skin; wrinkles and all. Show those Crowe’s feet baby! YOU ARE ALIVE!

Has there been unfairness in the last six months? Don’t worry, Libra the mascot of justice will make it all balance out. And if you’ve been using your energy in a way that doesn’t become the human nature (secret love affairs, vain energy, manipulation of the courts with a fake act) get ready to be called out! (none of my readers- of course!!).

To those who are sick of the headlines of adductions, cheating political leaders, and such, I suggest you turn off the news and get thyself into the studio. Use the energy for a break though with your expression of choice. EXCELLENT time to break the rules, go past traditional methods and embrace a language that is brand new to you; then share it.

Mars in Libra is about being gracious, especially if you’ve just lost the game. Coming in second or third is a gift. There is still somewhere to go. Something to strive for. A prize that has even more VALUE.

Mars stationing direct is a delicate time As the energy has been building, held on hold, repressed even. The urge can be overwhelming when one hears the gun shot: “and they are off! the race is on!”.

But this is a tight high wire act that has been cooking. SO make each step a choice, and for God’s sake don’t look down! Forward she goes…..however do think back to early December 2013. WHAT were you dreaming of then? What have you discovered about that dream? Is it still valid for you? Has it been modified? RE-thought out? Have you learnt something more about the energy of LOVE? Have you learned how to ask and not demand your needs? AND…….be ok if they are denied, misunderstood, or right out misconstrued?

Basically, I am saying ~ be very honest with yourself. How have you grown? Toward love or away from it? (how full is the heart?).

Critical days: (super sensitive time frames)

May 19th- 23rd

June 16th- 29th

July 4th- July 26th

The last date is the most important! This is the “Launching of Legends” period. Go forth and create!

Don’t forget to smile, its not candid camera~ its “Lets make a deal”~ then everyone wins.

copyright parker mcphinney 2014 all rights reserved

APRIL 2014


Read my blog- Parker's Perspective- (main Menu) Pretty much you'll need to lock down the FAITH. BOLT down the hope. And ...... FULL STEAM AHEAD...... This is the month of *WHAT THE HELL?* Best of luck. And read the March 31st Astro blog.

March 2014

8th March

Heart felt prayers to those who left the earth on the Malayasian Airline flight that crashed into the water. And to those who are left behind to grieve. Life is hard. And sometimes we get no 'notice' that our beloves have a new path to tread-out of the body-. Fact is every inhale is a gift from divine. No 'for sure' on being here in the next second. We all have a deadline for this 'not made to last body' .... Still, as we look at the astrology of it-Mercury is in Aquarius- (air travel) and in an applying sq to Saturn (the end). This is a depressing aspect- but also a hard worker one. Likely some error in the mechanical factor. Planes get old. Just like bodies. And then- there is Jupiter in the sky is in sq to Uranus. Jupiter just stationed direct. (moving forward)... Jupiter rules long distant travel. Uranus rules Airplanes. The longest journey we take is back to the source. Are you prepared? (have you thought about that journey) You know you are if you live each moment as if it were your last. Which means living in the NOW. Hard to do. Yet, when we live in the now- we are fully present to the gift of life. Hug your beloves.

FEB 2014

4th Feb

The Queen is making the rounds. I am here to tell you- she's setting the stage to retire. It is so very clear to me- looking at Prince Charles's chart and her's- and the Duchesses and Duke of Cambridge- (sweet kate should be Queen one day) A BIG SHIFT in the royal house is coming this year. ! And you heard it first on KS! love her purple hat.

(copy and paste the link to read)...


JAN 2014

10th Jan

While the East Coast freezing, Los Angles is having Temps in the 70's. This got me wondering about our type of "extreme weather"....Quake Weather. So I did a bit of research. Found out that when the last major quake hit Los Angles, 1994- we were in the same Eclipse cycle that we currently are in! We are due. Over due. In the sky Saturn is conjunct Los Angeles's Jupiter. In Scorpio. So some 'extreme' energy is going to be unleashed = and soon! This upcoming FULL MOON- at 25 degrees Cancer- will fall on the Quake of '94 Sun. Also transiting Mars is about to square LA's Mars. Mars is movement. Not only that, I have discovered that the degree of 4-5 Aquarius is a senstive point for us- with Earthquakes. It conjuncts our birth Pluto. A day before the Full Moon, Mercury is in that degree. So basically, this is your heads up. - Get your water, batteries, and sneakers. And if I am wrong, you'll still be prepared.

DEC 2013

23rd Dec 2013

Major energy is building in the sky. I will write extensively about this in the new blog- which will be in a week or so. BUT to give you a heads up- now............ really to deal with what's coming down the pike-best, is to remember what you DO HAVE. Not focus on what Santa didn't bring. Couldn't bring. And maybe is making you wait for. Energy wise- Mars is moving to oppose Uranus- EXTREME WEATHE...R. OVER BOOKED AIRLINES. VERY SHORT TEMPERED PEOPLE. Do not, I repeat, do not set off unstable people this week. Pretty much try to be like Christ...and not when he was in the Temple pissed at the money grabbers. I am talking about the peace full christ. ditto that. THere are plenty of people out there that can't- don't or won't relate to peace. Expect big changes coming. Don't crystallize your anger- or you'll develop kidney stones. Ever try to pass one of those? WAY PAIN. So let go of the anger. let go of the 'i don't have...... fill in the blank'... BEST USE OF this energy is to set a safe but hard task for yourself. One that means you must use your mind in a new way. LEARN CHESS.- ON ALL LEVELS i mean that! Victory to you.

AND.....consider this-

mars in Libra - (women embracing yang-female sexuality, passive aggressive, the arts)


Uranus in ARIES- (using the head in smart way, calling for aggression with the mind, riots)

What is in the headlines?

"Pussy Riot member urges Russia Olympics boycott"


IT doesn't GET ANY CLEARER THAN THIS!!!!!!! ....astrology in action!

(the aspect is exact on Christmas eve!) this is why i am sooooooooooooooo passionate about astrology..........IT WORKS.

17th Dec

ZAP~~POW~~~ZING!!! Uranus (sudden. light-en-bolt. before shock) has stationed DIRECT today! Headlines in the next few days will reflect this.

So far:

"Devyani Khobragade: India-US diplomat row escalates"

link to story:


But that's just the start.......expect the moving and shaking of mother earth to begin. Weather patterns will tend to be crazy. Summer in winter.....and winter in summer. Oh, what a fun time it will be for traveling people! But not all is bad......Uranus is also FREEDOM. So for some suddenly the chains are cut off. New ideas (VERY BRIGHT) suddenly take off. And speaking of 'taking off' the airplane will be subject to a surge in security measures. This is due to Mars moving toward an opposition to Uranus. (and SQ PLUTO).....so this "Holiday" Season is going to be, well........WACKY. LOTS of energy to keep the peace.

Let go of what you want (if its not there) and accept what is. Best to keep a low profile for a few weeks: a cave in the Himalayas? You still could become someone's dinner............no escape this time around. Just BE. Like a bumble bee........buzz around getting the nectar where you can!

HAPPY SOLISTICE! Sat.....21st of Dec.......Sun shifts into Capricorn.....oh, me on my Father Christmas has some real tricks up his sleeve this Year!

NOV 2013

14th-18th Nov

Well, the MOJO is so big this week - I decided to 'comment' on the news before it happens.......might not have electric energy when the big news comes! BIG BIG quake kind of energy out there......Venus conj. Pluto Sq to Uranus.....and a FULL MOON in Taurus......this is the big merger- that is a shocker (personal and business) its also the D-I-V-O-R-C-E.......signature........passion will play a role.........venus conj. pluto in cappy doesn't share well.........so if you've made a commitment or are about to-(TWO- pun intended) make sure you REALLY don't want a one night stand instead. And if you are married and that cute little flirt over there has caught your fire, makes sure you know what you've got and what you'll lose when impulse takes over. There will be NO GOING BACK.... And it will COST YOU. WHat are you willing to give up for LOVE?? (or is it LUST?).... lots is going to change this week. Many a good-bye. Some are a long time in coming. Others are flights of fancey. Lotto wins? They will be big and unexpected. Say "thanks". All the above could allow apply to your great creative desires. Break the mold. Or rather- don't even consider one!

11th Nov
It's no wonder (to me) that Iran is in the headlines. The Solar Eclipse of Nov.3 2013 at 11 Scorpio is in a square (exact) to Iran's Sun. So toe to toe it will go with the talks. The down side is- I don't know that meeting ground will be found for a good while. Jupiter is in retrograde- so perhaps 'agreements' can be found in back rooms and if America can back down from its normal agressive stance, just maybe wiggle room can launch a deal. Not holding my breath. Today we honor our Veterans. I would love to live in a world where there were no wars. Its possible. But only when people see what they have in common and not what they don't. Tomorrow the Sun trines Jupiter----so just maybe.........a deal that we can live with.....cross fingers. Look for the golden lining. Its there somewhere!! And btw - two music heros bit the dust- and sing and dance with the stars now- Lou Reed and Cheb Sabbah. RIP.......

1st Nov

IT's A POWERFUL WEEKEND we are headed into. TODAY Uranus sq Pluto for the fourth time. (it will do this 7 times)~~at LAX (Los Angeles airport) a shooting at 9:20 am. A deadly one. Pluto is death- Uranus is ruler of airplanes......and with the square energy its not so unexpected. Does it have to be BAD like this? No. It can be inventive energy. BUT...... the unstable usually do have a hard time keeping calm during stressed astro configurations. They (unstable ones) tend to 'release' pent up energy in a negative way. We aren't even to the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in SCORPIO yet. It's on Sunday. So the SPY drama will continue to unfold. LEGENDS will continue to make headlines as they cross over. (note- Lou Reed)....and its really going to shake-rattle-and ROLL some where on the planet and it will be BIG and DEEP. So hunker down and have some candles and good books.....don't forget the water. (Mercury is still retro, so you'll forget something to be sure- maybe your anger? that would be good.)

OCT 2013

1st Oct

Well, here we go into the week that the Cardinal Cross is very active. The planets in the play are: Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus-Sun......(that opposed, and squared).... BIG WORDS.... BIG SCREAMS......BIG BREAK UPS.....BIG EARTH SHAKERS..And maybe even BIG MERGERS!...nothing small about this week. Its over the top and then some. Best to just be busy with your creative expressions and stay out of malls, public events, and stay in the heart. Oh, yeah if you live in an Earthquake zone buy water and stock up on candles and good reading material. don't forget the matches... JUST IN CASE. ITs a week of extremes. Be prepared and pray for peace.

SEPT 2013

18th Sept

A few days after another mass shooting in America, the sober mood is slightly lifted by the FEDS move ~~~ " U.S. stocks are rallied 1% across the board after the Federal Reserve announced it will not reduce its $85 billion monthly asset purchasing program. " In the sky Venus and Saturn are holding hands in SERIOUS (money) Scorpio. KEEP IT GOING. But can we? At some point the debt of a Nation is going to HAVE to be looked at. And I think its going to be a show-down by the ends month, as Mars squares Venus. To have or not to have.... the one percent will dwindle to .50 percent and then the American revolt will begin. Stay tuned for a big big drama coming to your theatre in 2014.


28th Aug 2013

AMERICA AND ITS ADDICTION TO WAR has gotten out of hand! Checking out our chart- (yes countries have birth charts too).....I see that transiting Jupiter is smack on America's sun. This is the BIG EGO aspect. I tell you, we have some serious issues here! We need to look at why we think we are the world police! We are not. And if the government of the USA thinks it can just act because "a line in the sand has been crossed" they are super-teenagers! If we don't pull in our own over the top responses to conflicts in parts of the world that have NOTHING to do with us (except our desire to have control over who controls the oil there) well- we are about to have the lessons of Mars and Saturn. Mars in the sky is about to conjunct the USA's north node. This will clearly show up as in tit for tat. If we strike, I have no doubt - it will come back to us. This is the law of the Universe. WHAT you put out- comes right back at you. Oh, maybe not in the form of a billion dollar steath bomber- no, most places don't spend that kind of money on war planes. BUT it will come back. In hate, mistrust- and even attacks on us- no doubt- on the ground. Russia and China aren't going to just sit back and watch the show. Then there is Saturn- Saturn is in Scorpio right now- and its square to the USA nodes. Saturn is about controlling yourself. And in Scorpio- its about CONTROLLING YOUR WAR ADDICTION. This is an old pattern with us. But I must say- we certainly have a short memory- "AGENT ORANGE"........Goose calling the kettle black. So its not about chemical weapons. Its about getting the American public to not pay attention to SOMETHING else that is going on. Dirvert the attention, and its got to be about some money thing- because as much as we would like to think of ourselves as the "Goodwill bombers" we really do bring chaos all around the Globe with these- 'we will just get in and out' plans. People who lose loved ones- do not forget. Hate is passed on from generation to generation. Sorry folks- this one is a very bad idea and if we are foolish and let the congress give approval (remember THEY DO WORK FOR US) then - Sept and Oct both are going to bring many many problems- of a dark nature. WAR- what is it good for ? NOTHING! Write your representitive! Tell the American government to grow up and stop acting like this is a football game to win! We already lost when we got such a big head to think we can't fall. Remember ROME?

7th Aug

Well- as above so below! Today Jupiter (truth) opposes Pluto (power)~ And what is the headline for the day? "Obama scraps planned Putin summit after Snowden leaks" I'll leave it to you to decide who is speaking truth and who's holding a big stick.

JULY 2013

31st July

A note of caution for the day. Watch the emotions. Which means watch the mind. We are in the week window of EARTHQUAKE alert. And its not just the earth. Its the emotions. Its the mountain of fire. Its when people 'snap'. Everyone has a different level of 'I can't take this anymore'..........Mars in Cancer is about 'the fighting family' or the "defend the family" vibe. Uranus in Aries is the mad c...reator in the lab, and about the mass REBEL. They are NOT seeing eye to eye. They are NOT happy campers right now- and they will NEED A RELEASE. Explosions are the easy way out. Work with the energy and avoid the operation or the repair that will be needed to stitch things up after the break. An opening must be created to help the energy flow. Get your water. Get your batteries and Try to excerise within reason. This isn't a fun aspect. Its one of drawing a line and then someone crossing it. Watch. Try not to start a war. It will be easy to draw blood. Its going to be full steam ahead for the next several days. Re-read the monthly blog.

22nd July

Well, now that Jupiter has moved into Cancer and Mercury and Mars are also there we are seeing so much 'news' of Women's issues! From Malala Yousafzai speaking to the United Nations on the importance of education for all young people. This is a major achievement as she was shot in the head last Oct by the Taliban for speaking out about girls and education. She's a role model to use all at the age of 16!

Then there's the story of a woman who was misdignosed with cancer- breast cancer- told she had fourth stage cancer- given chemo and the entire posions they pump into you- gave away her entire belongings-prepared to die and then found out by a second doctor that in fact - she never had cancer at all !!!

And finally we have the Duchess of Cambridge about to give birth to the ROYAL baby.......I think its a girl. And looking at Prince Williams chart the reason its 'late' is his fifth house is with Venus and Chiron in Taurus and Taurus doesn't like to do anything fast! I thought that baby was going to be born this weekend...(the 20th or 21st) but it looks like no, waiting a bit longer..........perhaps within the next 24 hrs......Wishing them the best!

JUNE 2013

28th June
A grand trine in water is with us for a Year!! Soon after Jupiter entered the water sign of Cancer we saw it in the news...in the form of Senator Wendy Davis standing for hours on end and talking non-stop for all the women of TEXAS who NEEDED SOMEONE to hear their needs !! IF men gave birth- we'd be having a different conversation. Perhaps someone should introduce FORCED birth control on men and see how they like that. Anyhow............ Cancer deals with the female energy, motherhood, food, and how we care for each other. Then yesterday- in Peru they discovered a tomb that held sixty plus woman (some royal) from a tribe that clearly did female sacrifices..... and even interesting still there has been record levels of water pouring down all over the globe! So the news in the world is clearly mirroring the entrance of Cancer into the picture in the sky via Jupiter....expect the big--big--- BIG to continue. Especially since Duchess Kate is about to give birth to the most beloved baby girl since Diana was in the Royal palace...... maybe she'll incarnate!

6th June


So much going on! Today's news is that Esther Williams has crossed over. And today (and yesterday) the Lunar Eclipse point of 4 Sag is being triggered. That means in the news- things dealing with Sag. Sag is all about sports. Esther gave new meaning to swimming! Such grace! Such strength needed to make it look so easy- the true mark of an athletic person- is making it look effortless. Thank you Esther! Happy Journey on the otherside.

Then we have the 560 Million POWERBALL winner! And I have confirmed date of birth AND date of ticket purchase!! Wealth of information.

Also there is a great story about how Mindy Crandell let the lucky winner Gloria MacKenzie, go ahead of her in line!! Crandell's son joked- that 'she might win"......Crandall let her son know "no one in Zephyrills is going to win"......WELL................ it is worth saying, if you are buying a lotto ticket and YOU DON'T THINK YOU ARE GOING TO WIN- why are you buying a lotto ticket? The mind is a MAGNET!

All this aside- I feel that what is meant to be will pan out- and you know something- That lucky winner had a lit up chart! I am not going to post her actual birthdata (even though its online easy to find)-but just give you the stand outs of her chart when she bought that ticket.......

She's a Capricorn Sun sign with Moon in Taurus. LOTS of TAURUS in her chart. They are meant to work with and understand money/ values in this life time. Sometimes that also means going without. Gloria MacKenzie was born during the depression so she came in the world knowing that life can mean - not enough. She's at the last cycle of her life- (84yrs) and she'll leave knowing that huge sums of money means huge responsibilities.

The gift of giving (which i am sure she'll do) is also a thing to learn. She's under a Uranus return. Lots of people never even make it to this point. Uranus return is about what you wish to do that you've not done so far- any dreams left? If she's got some she has the means to make them happen for herself and others! What freedom!! Uranus is all about freedom. Since she's going to be careful about her money and privacy- we may not ever know the choices she makes.

When she bought her ticket the following was going on- (I've set the birth chart to be a solar one since birthtime/place is unknown and I've set the ticket purchase at noon).

A grand trine was triggered by the May 18th day's moon (purchase date)- in Virgo- it conjunct her natal Neptune (dreams) trined her natal Moon and Jupiter in Taurus, and her Natal Sun in Capricorn. I think all her karma came home. (Karma means -action from a previous action). Had she not stepped in line in front of Crandell and had Crandell not said-'its ok' would i be writing up a different astrology story? I don't know. Only divine knows that!

Also going on Jupiter (Vast LUCK and makes everything BIGGER) in the sky is currently conjunct her sec.progressed Moon. This to me, tells the story- of yes- its meant to be. However not all is super great. I do think that as much joy as big money (choices) can bring- it will also be a bit of a burden. Her Sec. progressed Saturn (doing the correct thing in life) is sitting on her Sun. Its one degree from it. She's got a lot on her shoulders by carrying this wealth-at that age-suddenly. She's also made history. (Saturn deals with history).

Her sec progressed chart really shows the story - her Sec progressed Mars and Part of Fortune are exactly conj. in the sign of Cancer. They are being trined exact by Sec Progressed Mercury (tickets) in the sign of Pisces. Not far from that is Neptune in the sky at 5 Pisces. In a few weeks Jupiter will enter the sign of Cancer- and it will apply by conjunction to the Mar-pof. I bet you she gives most of it to her family and also to research perhaps to issues dealing with women's health and or helping women in some way- food, shelter, jobs.

She was born with the moon, Chiron and Jupiter all in Taurus. Sec Progressed Jupiter is at 10 Taurus- and Sp Venus and SP Chiron are right behind them. All three being activated by Transiting Pluto. (BIG MONEY)........Again and again- I see the picture of someone being in charge of lots of money to help many- and it may seem over whelming to her at times.

So the stand out theme we have is of Sec Progressions triggering an event that changes the path (the nodes in the sky are activated- by sec progress and by natal and by transit!) of life to one of wealth to share-and a willingness to do so. Taurus can be very clear on how it wants things to go- she'll make up her own mind and won't be bullied into anything or choice.

I read somewhere that Sun sq Uranus are prone to huge changes of fortune and also that more extremely wealthy people have that signature in their chart-She has the Sun sq Uranus by 2 degrees and Mercury sq Uranus by 0 degrees, as well- she'll have some unusual ideas on how to spend...and have fun. Plus she has Venus in Aquarius natally! Might she own some eccentric energy that gets to be expressed in many ways? And she has natally a Sun trine Jupiter aspect- almost exact. Yes, she was born with luck.

Over all- we see that Jupiter, Neptune, pof, and nodes were clearly in action on many levels for her to hit jackpot! Plus T. Uranus return (even wide-its still there) and T. Uranus sextile her natal Venus.

There's much more to explore astro-wise- always many more charts to tell the story of how "as above so below......."

Anyhow we here at KitchenSari wish her well with her wealth!

MAY 2013

17th May

Today In the sky Mars is at the same degree that the Solar Eclipse was on the 9th/10th of this month. What this means is that 'things' and 'events' get in the news that are related to that 20 Degrees Taurus SE (new moon)......Well~~ I'll be darn if in fact the last two days have been full of Money, Art, Jewels, and IRS news!! All of these are tied to Taurus energy- or rather- represented by it. Today a huge jewelry theft at the Film festival in France...lots and lots of sparkle disappeared. Next weeks LUNAR ECLIPSE will give clues to the international scandal I am sure. Then BEA ARTHUR as art model --brings in a cool Million (or more i forgot the exact number) for sitting years ago. Who says there's no money to be made in Art!? .... And of course the America IRS (we want your money and we want it now) is in the news for being bullies. And the beat goes on........pull out your drum and make some music! My special on Eclipse energy in your chart is still on......contact me if interested. (130.00 for 80 mins of info on how to use and not be used by the eclipses)

APRIL 2013

17th April

Boston. Earthquakes. BIG SHIFTS. Posion letters to the President. What's going on you ask? Solar and Lunar Eclipses are on the way. THREE of them. First Lunar, then Solar, then Lunar. all two weeks apart. the order starts on the 25th of April with Five degrees Scorpio Lunar Eclipse-(Full MOON with sunglassess on)...... Say prayers for Boston. Say prayers for the world. Eclipses shake things up. They WAKE us up. The make the small and petty seem to not matter anymore. Boston's chart- (city's have them too)- was lit up. (4 March 1822) Chiron (wounded healer was being hit from both sides- we call it a double whammy in astrology- transiting chiron was conjunct the sun of Boston's chart and transiting mercury was conj. the chiron of Boston's chart~ plus the upcoming Eclipses activated the moon in that chart. Nothing will be the same- how to heal is what is on the plate for everyone. HOW NOT TO HATE. Interesting to me that the bombs happened on tax day. I know the race was that day- but I think that it was tax day is a message from the bomber(s). IF you are wondering how the Eclipses will open up your life and close some doors at the same time- I am running a special- 130.00 for Eclipse readings detailing the three and how you can use them and not be used by them or be in fear. Try to keep the heart open and focus on what GOOD you have in your life. And pray for the people of Boston who were forever changed by Monday's events.

8th April 2013

We are entering the 'window' of the upcoming eclipses. The first one is in Scorpio (endings/transformations) @5 degrees- on the 25th. The markets will go up/down often in the next month. Heads of states- (in this case a former head of state -today- Thatcher) will leave/shift/change. The Lunar eclipse on the 25th is all about money/values/the market/and how we transform. Then in two weeks- a solar eclipse in Taurus 19 degrees- big changes in what we value. then.........yes, its three in a row this time- another lunar eclipse at 4 sag. Ties with everyone who isn't our culture (that means other countries) the clergy, law, and universities will be in for big changes and or stances on important issues. I predict that the over the top college fees will be in the news in the next few months. that's the bubble that's going to burst next. prepare now. how- expect changes and love the now.

1st April

This is no April Fools prediction! Some amazing unions are going to happen this month! And fast. On the 6th of April Venus and Mars will unite in the 20th degree of Aries. Then...on the 10th of April - the NEW MOON (Sun and Moon) will join hands at the 20th degree of Aries. This means what starts as an attraction of yin and yang will proceed very quickly to a union of inner and outer self. Marriage of a spiritual kind and a material kind. This also can mean countries unite to form a tight allegiance for protection. We become stronger when we become a team.


27th March 2013

Last night before i fell into slumber- I was 'pondering' the Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn. Its being triggered BIG TIME this week. That's why the Earthquake predictions. Its a common known fact Uranus is active when Earthquakes happen. But what else does this slow moving transit represent? THE COLLECTIVE INDIVIDUAL- VS- Collective Corporations. The over view of how one exsist at the expensive of another. How to balance that? = DIALOUGE. Listening and speaking. Consideration of the other and finding the balance. When that's not paid heed to- you have over thrown governments. We, the people have such power! Yet, we the people haven't gotten mad enough to use it. When 'we the people' do- look out......and this 'look out' is coming this summer. And its going to be a war over who controls our FOOD and CLEAN WATER . Today- in the news: "Obama signs Monsanto Protection Act! It's Time to Label GMOs!" Its a Full Moon day- and even though the moon is in Libra- the debate/war of what's fair and what's not has begun. Get your bull horns people! Demand to be told the TRUTH. That's justice.

23 March 2013

***Ala. airport sign falls on family, killing boy***

Freak Accidents- come under a Mars-Uranus transit- but I will addyou can't go before the door opens, and once it does- you must go. So I don't know if 'accidents' really are that- they just appear that way. But don't go telling this to a grief stricken person- just hug them.

22 March 2013

Mars Conjuncts Urauns today- Venus and the Sun are also in the 'fire, me first sign'... BUT what NEWS hasn't come out yet- is the new invention that helps men control their anger, the 'new' way in which humanity can speed toward understanding the universe, and our role in protecting it- and HOW fast violence breaks down everything down! You can invent with this aspect- you can also destroy goodwill. Obama shouldn't over stay his visit in Israel.... In..and get out- before they change their mind about the one world humanity thing ( aka-sorry for killing those activists). trust isn't big right now- but it CAN be. Love bugs (venus and mars) merge soon-so try online dating. p.s.- we are in the 'earthquake' window. EQ aren't bad- they release energy that has built up to the breaking point. Release means Relief.

10th March 2013

It is the New Moon In Pisces (in India on 10th/USA-11th) at 21 degrees Pisces.~~~~ ALL COMPASSIONATE ONE~~~ or shall we pray/hope. Its MahaShivirithi in India- Best time to reach oneness thinking. This NEW Moon will see much discussion over who is to be the 'new' Pope. Mercury is still retrograde, so lets hope the final choice isn't made fast. But, I do think they may go with a bit YOUNGER... LAST week we saw- A Lion kill its cage cleaner- (while playing a bit hard with her- I don't think it was on purpose and neither does her family)- Pisces rules large animals- and we also heard of a Shark killing a swimmer in New Zealand...mistaken for a big fish? (all these planets in Pisces are being squared by Jupiter)-over the top kind of events-with a twist of unexpected/unexplained. Plus the compassionate (social-minded) leader of Venezuela crossed over... so many shifts in the world are coming! Oil and the USA will likely TRY TO play a role over there-can't see the USA keeping mum about that- we love to appoint leaders whenever we can. Stay tuned. Meanwhile try to go deep into the inner world where peace can be found.

16th Jan *MELA MAGIC*!

The Maha Khumbla Mela began on the 14th! And I am going!! In honor of this marvelous manifestation- I am offering a special astrology reading. (this month only). "Starting your year with a Bang!" Looking at Mars around the chart. Giving 70 mins. of packed information on how to get 'what you want and need' for 2013. This is only looking at Mars transits in the chart- (no other charts). If you've not had a reading in a while this is a great tool! And if you've never had a reading- and want to take the plunge this this is an unbelievable deal. It is only valid for this month before I go. The reading can be done with time permitting before I leave, and if not- right when I get back! (but it must be purchased now). Send me an email if you are interested.

If you aren't aware of what the 'Mela' is- here's some links for you-




Here's a Documentary about the Mela!


Jan 2013 **** Happy New Year!***

Please note the price changes in readings! I am giving myself a much needed raise! ~~~~~~

2nd Jan 2013

Today the Earth is the closest it will be to the sun all year. We need a bit of big warmth and cheer to get back to business! And Business with the moon in Virgo and the Sun in Capricorn should go well. Work it! Reward yourself for the effort made by giving yourself a raise too! Even if its only a raise of the hands toward the sun thanking it for showing up.

Dec 2012

Christmas Eve...

We have a crisis in this country. When fire fighters are being shot at while putting out a fire, childern aren't safe at school, you can't go to a shopping mall without thinking you might be in blood for that trip- we have a crisis. If you ...want to own a gun- and arm yourself to the 10th degree with weapons (to kill - because that's what they do) then go live on an armed Island. with everyone living next to each other fearing the other. I guess a WHOLE lot of innocent people will have to die by the gun before America figures this one out. And we will figure this out soon- because the pressure on our President is going to be strong! He needs are prayers to have the strength to LISTEN to the the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE- NOT the Gun lobby! On the 28th we have a full moon in cancer. It will make this issue very emotional,and power to the people- to be heard!! It is not going away. With each senseless act of violence-the issue becomes more acute. Our thoughts and prayers need to go to the families suffering from the pain of grief. Especially today for the brave Firefighters~all of them. Lt. Mike Chiapperinin was awarded the Firefighter Of The Year award two weeks ago. Thomasz Kaczowka was a young rookie. May they rest in Peace. May America come to some sense of sanity and get a grip on this disease of violence happening here. The last two weeks have been a steady stream of horror stories. When will we realize we are a sick Nation?


Nov 2012

27 Nov More Scorpio News for you.... "Infected and unaware: HIV hitting America's youth"~~this on the yahoo headline. "More than half of young people in the United States who are infected with HIV are not aware of it, according to a new report by government health officials that zeroes in on one of the remaining hot spots of HIV infection in America." I did mention in my Oct monthly blog how HIV would be hitting the headlines again. How safe sex would return to the livingroom family conversation. Safe sex is the only loving thing. Everything else falls under -stupid and selfish.

It doesn't get any more SCORPIO than this: "Yasser Arafat's remains exhumed" ~~with Mercury, Venus and Saturn ALL in Scorpio- also on the heels of a Scorpio Solar Eclipse- and the day before a Lunar one- we are seeing the 'hidden' becoming revealed. Added to the pot- Mars (digging) in Capricorn (leader) conjunct Pluto (dead)- on this day! Let's hope the results don't flare up more unrest in Gaza.

17 Nov So far the the Solar Eclipse at 21-22 Scorpio on the 13th has brought to the viewing audience: Sex Scandal of top USA General that is soap opera worthy, Death of India Political leader Thackery, BIG quakes-Mexico, and South America. All of this is in the theme of traditional predictions of Solar Eclipse energy~~ Like I said in my last monthly astro blog! Also on the horizon has been several articles of breakthroughs of 'what happens' after death, and also the inner workings of our brains-not previously known -with coma patients! We are progressing in some ways. Israel's attack on Gaza will continue with a solution not likely until around Dec 8th. The Solar Eclipse energy will continue to be triggered- and soon a lunar Eclipse kicks in to keep it all insanely crazy. Happy Holidays- be thankful if you aren't being bombed to hell.

OCT 2012

14 Oct

Headlines on BBC: "Skydiver Felix Baumgartner breaks sound barrier" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19943590 ~~ OF COURSE!~~ And this is a case of 'as above-so above'!!! Saturn is in Scorpio in a trine to Neptune in Pisces... entering into the limitlessness ! ~~ great lengths (Saturn) to reach beyond boundaries (Neptune in Pisces) are successful!- that's very Scorpio in Saturn. Astrology in action event!

5th Oct

IF you follow my monthly astrology blog (parker's perspective) you'll note that on the 3rd I posted that AIDS and right sexual conduct would be an issue when Saturn enterned Scorpio (which it did today!) and what is in the headlines from the BBC~~~ "Canada Supreme Court eases HIV disclosure law" Heterosexual HIV-drug cover urged Canada's Supreme Court has said people with a low HIV viral load and who use condoms need not reveal their condition to a sexual partner. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-19852721

SEPT 2012

27 Sept 2012

So -Earthquakes are manifesting as predicted... but also this news on the BBC today--which mirrors the Uranus sq Pluto transit- completely!! April Sumatra quakes signal Indian ocean plate break-up


24th Sept 2012

This week- Full Moon in Aries (takes no prisoners) Venus sq Mars (can't get no satisfation) FM triggers Uranus sq Pluto - (think long and hard before you yell back)... find something to work hard on and keep your mouth shut. Re-read Sept 9th message. TRY to be kind to each other!

9 Sept 2012

Here's your HEAD's UP - for Sept. I didn't notice this until I ck'd today- looking for when a particular aspect reached exact in its building energy... 22nd of Sept - Oct 1st - that week _especially 26th- 30th (which happens to be Yom Kipper) looks darn right crazy with very aggressive energy. I do not like the look of it. Planets can always be channeled in a positive way- but people who want to be hurtful and cause suffering tend to go wild during these times. That period is also when the 405 freeway is set to shut down. (saw THAT on the neon board coming home!)~ I pray to Divine that Obama isn't coming into town to raise more money then. If so- they need to get him in and out- fast. Its a week of - 'can't get no satisfactions' and also very impulsive energy. ARIES FULL MOON- squaring Pluto. Moon conjunct Uranus. Mars in Scorpio Squaring Venus in Leo. (MONEY and Power- are at huge odds)~~~And you- dear reader- EXERCISE the body. Don't give in to 'speaking your piece'...(especially about the election).. For Los Angeles - its a super Earthquake Alert week from 22nd- to Oct 1st. I am not into alarm- but I know what these transits can bring....give yourself lots of wiggle room to deal with pressures. The transits will move on- but bad choices stay with us forever. Remember the law of Karma. And of course visualization of a peaceful world everyday helps to send that out!

Aug 2012

13 Aug We are in EARTHQUAKE ALERT WEEK! Especially here in LOS ANGLES, and IN CALIFORNIA... Many signatures of it. Be prepared. Iran's quake can trigger one here. This week- Mars/Saturn conj.= serious times. Balance it by looking for the beauty. New Moon in Leo- will trigger Los Angeles's chart- and the Mars/Saturn conj. will as well. But the main indicator is Mercury in opposition to Los Angeles's 4th house Pluto. The 4th house rules weather. Its really hot here right now-likely 'breaking record use of electric power!'... (LA's pluto is in Uranus-that's why so many creative nuts live here)...

JULY 2012

20th July 2012 This is the headline of the BBC--- "Batman US cinema shooting: 12 dead in Colorado" ~~~ VERY sad to see that the Mars Oppositon to Uranus sq Pluto- t-square energy plays out in such a way. Planets don't make things happen (it is said) people do. But unstable people, and INSANE people who spend too much time in their heads w/o a heart connection react to the 'energy' in unbalanced ways. The planets create energy- and we respond to it-we feel it- its like being in a hot, hot, room right now. You either drink some water, try your best to COOL OFF, and wait for the heat wave to pass. Some people don't wait, they act to express their anger or urge to hurt- feeding off the energy of frustration. This fellow PLANNED this out- in detail and then the trigger comes along and BANG! His birthday is the day Uranus stations direct.. (dec 13th)... so he's acting out some impulsive long held in violent energy. And yes, he's nuts-seeking fame in a twisted way. I spoke of this VERY type neg. energy on my FaceBook Kitchen Sari page on Wed. Like that page if you want updates sooner! Peace with the families who are grieving the loss of loved ones. WALK IN PEACE! WAKE IN PEACE! PEACE BE WITH YOU....

18th July 2012

The News today is filled with stories of Bombings. The Mars (war) opposition to Uranus (explosions) is exact today. Use the energy to break the mold of your creative thinking! Reach out to those you normally wouldn't. Don't be used by the energy- use it for good purposes! People will be very short fused.... so walk in peace! (Mars in Libra). Its also a New Moon Day- in Cancer- feed the soul.

THIS IS A URANUS SQ PLUTO MOMENT! (triggered by Jupiter's sextile to Uranus).

"HIGGS BOSON" has been discovered!

Google it or copy and paste this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-18696886

Aries in Uranus~new discovery, Pluto~the mystery of the Universe, Jupiter in Gemini~NEW HAPPY KNOWLEDGE.

JUNE 2012

This week (June24th) is a hum-dinger. The energy is so intense. Not BAD- just intense. And major shifting -forward.. like a rusty jar top being turned for the first time in ages.. And Mother Nature has her own ways...we have to work with her..(she's raging right now).This week we have FOUR major shifts of energy... TODAY-the 24th Uranus sq Pluto,(explosive,inventive,power vs pioneering and uncontrollable!! AND accidents~ some will be unexpected twist of fate playing out) followed by Tomorrow's Jupiter sq Neptune (extreme faith, super idealistic- exaggeration of what is, AND the "THANK GOD!" aspect) then also on Monday Saturn turns direct. We have the quarter Moon on the 26th and Venus turns direct on the 27th. Basically, don't count your eggs yet, or put them in just one basket. Also 'work it out'! What do you really need? ( Sun in Cancer asks) while the moon in Libra ( quarter moon) asks 'what is fair? what is justice?....AND CYBER warfare is here now- and in our future...so back up the system!


MAY 22nd So, Mr. Z. founder of Facebook, decided to launch his company's IPO during Venus RETROGRADE, and in the shadow of a SOLAR Eclipse! CLEARLY he doesn't use the services of an astrologer... NOT only that ~~~ HE GOT MARRIED on the EVE of the SE, with Venus r. and thank god it's at least in a trine to Saturn (which is also retrograde!).... That shows the already long relationship with his new bride. But will FB stock catch on? Not until venus goes direct... (on the 27th of June)...and then slowly.....But Jupiter's entrance into Gemini will help later in the game-(2013) after the media does a hype story on it............

May 12th VENUS is about to flip RETROGRADE..(appears to go backwards) on the 15th of MAY...What's all over the headlines? Greece backing out of the Euro... JP Morgan losses of TWO BILLION.... so while Venus is in retrograde mode, and we are nearing the SOLAR ECLIPSE at ZERO GEMINI on the 20th......you can expect 'heads to roll, money to be re-counted, and everyone swears they are coming up short! Meanwhile, records are set for giving money to Political Parties that say the words we want to hear.....THAT doesn't mean ANYTHING will be done... it just means the script is being spoken. INVEST in yourself!!

May2nd Chinese Activatist Chen Guangchen, is certainly a hero! A look at the self-taught lawyer, who also happens to be blind shows a soul who has a love for truth and justice. He was born with Mercury (mind) and Venus (love) in the fire sign of Sag. Jupiter is close behind in its own sign! Right now transiting Neptune (beliefs, spiritual, and posion) is sitting on his birth Mars at two Pisces. The authorities wish to 'taint' him~ Let's pray he is kept safe! This story isn't over...this is just the first act. This is the stuff of Shakespeare

APRIL 2012

12th April... SO far to date the EQ alert has been spot on (and England in the news too!~ DAME CAMILLE).. Four major Quakes...(Mexico has had two, and the Northern Sumatra...got a shakers on the 11th)! don't have fear, be prepared! ***

ITS EARTHQUAKE WEATHER THIS MONTH! YOU don't have to be afraid, just prepared. We have so many signatures for moving and shaking this first week of April- and actually almost the entire month! But especially 4th April- 14th. The Solar Eclipse that is coming in May is being triggered now- by Venus- and Mars (and they aren't really seeing eye to eye---talk about FRICTION... its in spades! Mercury is going to go direct on the 4th and as she does she'll meet up with Uranus again...and then....a FULL MOON on Good Friday...and... MARS moves forward on the 14th- but not before Pluto goes in reverse mode on the 10th...so as you can see lots of traffic in the sky, and as above so below~~so watch the road, and have lots of water on hand....remember EarthQuakes are to help us WAKE UP! (there are internal EQ's too)... Lots of people will separate-only to come back together....stronger. Unless of course a third party had entered the photo...then its really going to be COMPLICATED... Keep your eye on England this month...lots of news will be forthcoming from that small but very powerful (and sometimes divided) country!

March 2012

25th March*** James Cameron is at the bottom of the Ocean (filming) and no one has been there in 50 years. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces (the ocean) at the last degree.... I think he will be successful, we wish him safe travels.

Feb 2012

7th Feb*** High court in California rules that Gay Marriage is within the law! ... and on the day that Saturn in LIBRA (marriage union) turns RETRO..(today) they say it must be acknowledged, and overturns Prop 8 that put a ban on same sex marriage.

Jan 2012

14th Jan 2012 .... Just as Venus and Neptune conjunct in Aquarius at the last degree....in the news......."Crusise Ship runs aground."... Venus is the good life, Neptune rules the waters, and in the sign Aquarius for the last time for hundreds of years- PLUS- just as Venus moved into Pisces (more and more water) and is about to hold hands with Chiron- (wounded healer). If the shoe fits- and it does! as above so below.

DEC 2011

31st Dec 2011~~ Los Angeles is having a challenging end of the year. As I suspected the city's chart is lit up! Thirty-five fires set since Thurs. The fires that started in the wee hours of the 30th were under the very mutable t-sq of the Moon, Mercury and Mars. AND TODAY we have a quarter moon in the fire sign of Aries. The case will have a break through, but that might not happen until the exact sq of Mercury (cars) and Mars (fires) is separating. It is exact tonight (31st) at 10:05 pm PST. Beware of an extra amount of drunks on the road! Take a taxi home if you drink. NO EXCEPTIONS! By the 2nd some sound leads on all these fires should surface. Have a BLESSED NEW YEAR!!!

Dec 28 2011** Ding Dong* The wicked warlock is dead! And what a send off it was... On the day of Sun in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Sun being ruler- Pluto - end of- and in Cappy showing his iron fist in an iron glove LONG LONG RULE. The son taking over is shown by Mars in Virgo- and that's in a sq with Mercury. So, Kim Jong il jr. might have different ideas than pops about how to rule. He might want to talk to the west more. But first the propaganda machine will talk for him.

NOV 2011

10th Nov~ As long as Jupiter is in Taurus ( until june 2012) there will be money for art, money made from art, and it'll make your eyebrows raise at the numbers. A Lichtenstein for 43M. and today, a Clyfford stillife goes for 61.7 MILLION. Could the Full Moon in Taurus be at work?

SEPT 2011

8th Sept 2011~~~BLACKOUT IN SOUTHERN CALIF JUST NOW! ~ LA TIMES SAYS: "The loss of power led to a shutdown of two reactors at the San Onofre nuclear power plant." Well, doesn't surprise me! Yes, Mercury IS direct now, but he/she (gender optional) is at 29 Leo (in exact oposition to NEPTUNE--DAZED AND CONFUSED?) and tonight will re-enter VIRGO- where he/she was when he/she went retrograde! That's called moving out of the shadow~~ and that is just as much a senstive point as the actual retrograde and direct days! So be extra aware while driving for the next 24/48 hrs- and also remember to BREATHE!

3rd Sept 2011~~~Los Angeles is about to have a birthday! (sept. 4th). Since that day is also the Quarter Moon- at 11 Sag sq Sun at 11 Virgo-it triggers the Solar ECLIPSE of JUNE 1, 2011. What this means is it will be a very powerful and changing year for the city of LA. I clearly see the spot light will be on our city officials and in particular the city council. They are the highest paid city council in all of America. Funds are going to be looked at this year, even more so than in the past- and city services (how well they function) is also a top area of concern. We will be in the world spot light- so that makes me thing that FOR SURE a major quake (which is way over due) will be felt-sooner than later. Don't be fearful, just be prepared!

AUG 2011

26th Aug~~ LOTS of drama in the news today about "IRENE". She's headed to the east coast and packing some power! But....mercury stations direct at 18 Leo-today. 3:03 pm PDT.... so- I think its lots of BIG news, that is getting our attention (they even shut down the subway in NYC!) However, we got a grand trine in EARTH- hold the fort down. Chill. Eat, be practical, and count your blessings when she doesn't touch down on your house. Don't buy into the fear, just be still for a few hours with a set of candles and a good book.

5th Aug~ MORE MARS IN CANCER NEWS! Mars is action/war, Cancer is about FOOD. This headline on Yahoo News- "Fight for food in Mogadishu leaves 7 dead" link to the story: http://news.yahoo.com/fight-food-mogadishu-leaves-7-dead-142729632.html

4th Aug~ In the news: ~~ Mars: Nasa images show signs of flowing water~~ And low and behold, in the sky above MARS HAS JUST ENTERED THE SIGN CANCER! A WATER SIGN. Yes, Sir as above so below. Here's a link to the story:



17th May 2011

Well!! Lots of sex stories going around. Secret ones. Demanded ones. Full Moon in Scorpio is shedding light on a lot more than we even want to know! Between the former Gov of California, and the IMF chief, we can say power and sex seem fuel each other. Its a shame those men can't figure out, that the Universe sees all. There is no such thing as a forever secret. The Queen is making good use of Venus and Mercury and Mars conjunct her Taurus sun this week; She's trying to make amends with the Irish! I still stand by my thoughts that a transfer of power to Charles will happen in 2012 or sooner. She's got to be ready for a bit of a vacation from power and duty.


22nd April 2011

Driving home at rush hour on this Good Friday~ I saw hanging from the 110 Northbound over bridge: MARRY ME! In a few hours Venus (love/marriage) will conjunct Uranus (outside the box thinking/action) in the sign of Aries. I must say someone got bit by the love bug today! Congrats to the romantic person who hung this huge sign~ I am sure the answer will come back: "YES".

13th April 2011

OH! Dare I forget: Obama's "debt cutting plan?" (aka-Mars (cut) sq Pluto (debt) this will be boxing up and down the isle. NO ONE is going to be happy! Least of all: Military, Seniors, (those needing help with medical care) and the Super-Rich! He'll even 'cut' in new (Aries) areas that before were off-limits.

11 April 2011

Today Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn *** and its fireworks*** slow buring ones.

Remember when John and Yoko got married? They made a song out of it- and then they went to bed- to fight power....

The ballad of John and Yoko

Standing in the dock at Southampton, Trying to get to Holland or France. The man in the mac said, "You've got to turn back". You know they didn't even give us a chance. Christ you know it ain't easy, You know how hard it can be. The way things are going They're going to crucify me. Finally made the plane into Paris, Honey mooning down by the Seine. Peter Brown called to say, "You can make it O.K., You can get married in Gibraltar, near Spain". Christ you know it ain't easy, You know how hard it can be. The way things are going They're going to crucify me. Drove from Paris to the Amsterdam Hilton, Talking in our beds for a week. The newspapers said, "Say what you doing in bed?" I said, "We're only trying to get us some peace". Christ you know it ain't easy, You know how hard it can be. The way things are going They're going to crucify me. Saving up your money for a rainy day, Giving all your clothes to charity. Last night the wife said, "Oh boy, when you're dead You don't take nothing with you But your soul - think!" Made a lightning trip to Vienna, eating chocolate cake in a bag. The newspapers said, "She's gone to his head, They look just like two gurus in drag". Christ you know it ain't easy, You know how hard it can be. The way things are going They're going to crucify me. Caught an early plane back to London. Fifty acorns tied in a sack. The men from the press said, "We wish you success, It's good to have the both of you back". Christ you know it ain't easy, You know how hard it can be. The way things are going They're going to crucify me. The way things are going They're going to crucify me.


28 March 2011*** Fireworks! Jupiter opposes Saturn at 2:56 pm PDT. This is a long term 'dig the heels in' battle between the haves and the have nots. Note- in America- watch Congress explode into soap opera levels of drama. Balance and compromise is the key, but no one will want to open that door! Pick your side and lay down your bets.....winner announced June 12 2011.

A TRUE FOREVER STAR HAS LEFT Us. She's shining Bright in our Skies. DAME Elizabeth Taylor ~~~27th Feb 1932***23 March 2011~~~

16 March 2011

The FULL MOON coming up activates Japan's moon. Moon is the 'people'~ its also 'public reaction'. The aspect is a tense one, as the FM creates a T-Sq with Japan's natal Moon. This means - HARD ACTION to get a result. I have no doubt powerful minds the world over are all coming together to solve the issue of the Nukes blowing. I also have no doubt that a solution will be found~ However, until then ~clean food, water, and air is an issue. And A BIG ONE. The solution is the international community coming together to solve this issue. No time right now for the "blame" game. Open your heart and send thoughts of healing to that place! By the 22nd things will look better. That is when Venus in the sky will conjunct Japan's Sun. IT will be a breakthrough that is much needed. This full moon is all about SERVICE. GIVING IT. Details matter, but not to be 'petty' to 'improved upon'. The small communities in Japan will see a rise in the missing and the number of dead. It's not until things get 'under control' that we will have a clear picture of just how powerful water can be. Next time you take a bath, drink some, or listen to a waterfall think about that.

12 March 2011 Japan's Astrology Chart ( 11th Feb 1889) shows very hard aspects from Neptune (deception/confusion/gas/posion) to natal Neptune. The aspect is a square from Neptune to Neptune. Collective energy and some denial is in motion. To be expected! They are dazed and confused. However, with the nuke issue- this is cause for GRAVE CONCERN. Pluto also is in the mix- in square to thier natal Venus- the cost in lives and in money to repair the damage will be mind boggling. And also a square from Pluto to Japan's natal Mercury- big misinformation. Still, the greater concern is the issue of a nuke blowing- this is trouble for the entire world. (air has no boarders). If a cover-up happens (Neptune tends to downplay things) on the total level of damage/threat to the people- (RADIATION)~then we really do have a dire situation. Jupiter is conjunct their rising degree- and that I hope (since it stands for luck/expand) will bring some relief and 'a gamble' that pays off. That's what I am praying for!

******* Uranus in Pisces sure did exit the scene with a BIG wave…..8.9 in Japan! Welcome Uranus in Aries! It’s a whole new level of shaking. World records (of all kinds, but especially with earthquakes) will be set in the next seven years.

******** Mark the calendar! MARCH 11th @ 4:52PM PST***
This is the moment that Uranus (bright minded energy, collective mind, unions, and friends) moves into ARIES! Aries is WARRIOR MODE. You an't seen nothing yet! The good news is the war might go cyber. Better for us if it does. Certainly, at the very least we will start to see how new start-ups on the web prosper. The union-busting story isn't finish yet. It's just begun.

FEB 2011
Feb 10th 2011

Today on the headlines of the BBC~ we have a historical find of Roman Statues! As above so below~ Yesterday, Venus (art) conjuncted Pluto (profound resources) in the sign of Capricorn. (history of long ago).

Jan 2011

Jan 23rd

Just as Jupiter ingresses into Aries~ (Aries is all about NEW, and Jupiter rules large animals)~ On the BBC today a story about: "Two forms of world's 'newest' cat, the Sunda leopard"

Remember June 2010? Well on Jan 22nd @ 9:11 am Jupiter will return to "0" Aries ~! ONCE again...the mode is act first, think later! All systems are go-go-go! We are in a powerful time of learning how to control our thoughts, instead of TRYING to control others! This is a super sensitive time, anger will come way to easy, and think back to what got your fear up since then.

Its been a very active week!~ And its not over yet! On Jan 12 2011, Mercury will re-active the Lunar Eclipse point of Dec 21st. Mercury is at 29 Sag- opposite the LE point- meaning- chance to see how you are either contributing to unity or fueling separation. The choice is yours!

DEC 2010

Just noticed that today and tomorrow transiting Mars is at the upcoming Solar Eclipse degree of 13 Capricorn. Thus, it is a 'trigger' day for things that will be ushered in during 2011. Where you have this degree in your chart will tell you the unfolding potential. Its tied to the word: AUTHORITY. BIG DADDY. Typically "heads of state" tend to roll with this one. W. Africa is getting complex.


Astro Tip: Mars (action) is Squaring (tension) Uranus (Collective /out of nowhere) today! What does this energy bring? FANTASTIC INVENTION! Restlessness. A need to BOLDLY go FAST into unknown areas. It is both an aspect of great creative belief /creation and an anger trigger. I made some VERY successful PMC jewelry this morning.....(gift to my dentist, and a friend). Use the energy- don't be used by it!

NOV 2010
"Speaking of England, Its an Aries country. And I personally wouldn't be one bit surprised if Prince Charles is crowned King. Jupiter joining Uranus in Aries clearly shows a "shocker of event in who rules". His Mid-heaven is in Aries and Jupiter will be climbing atop- its a big attention grabber that placement. Yes- I predict he'll make the headlines soon- and stay there all of 2010-11." ~ parker's perspective May 1st 2010

. . .And this in the news today!

OCT 2010
Scorpio New Moon tonight..at the degree of Venus (money) Retro of Oct 7th. ...and the feds just printed 600 BILLION to jump start the stall. (Scorpio rules big money/big debt). Will it work? UMMMMMM..... I don't think in the long haul its going to - but right now ......Its being thrown up in the air! Try to catch some! Party!